Erin Joan Yang is a Web Copywriter, a Geek and Lifestyle Blogger, and a Freelance Writer. She started blogging in 2010 as a way to blow off steam about her job then. Working in the media industry had been very difficult and Erin realized that writing helped clear her mind. Before this blog was Hainrihi’s Discoveries, it was Scrutiny of the Mind, where she wrote down her thoughts and opinions on current issues.

For Erin, blogging has allowed her to get away from the stress of her media job. After all, writing is her first love. She even dreamed of having her own byline on magazines and online platforms. So, one way to practice her writing skills is blogging.

Eventually, Erin left the media world and engaged in different writing jobs until she saw what she really wanted to do when she became a Web Copywriter in a creative BPO company. Compared with her previous jobs, this job allowed her to strike a balance between her personal and professional lives while learning new things.

Erin improved her writing, started blogging, tried and enjoyed cosplay, rediscovered her love for anime and TV series, and began to love geekery. She is also spending more time with her fiancé, Marc.

A late bloomer in almost everything—from her academics to makeup and beauty to cosplay and geekery—Erin finally found what things she wanted to do. She is finally discovering things that she didn’t know before and she loves it!

These are the reasons why she started this blog.

When Erin is not writing, she is reading a book, surfing the net, or watching movies and TV series with Marc. She hopes to live life to the fullest and be spontaneous once in a while.


Hainrihi’s Discoveries is about a late bloomer’s discovery of cosplay, geekery, and lifestyle. As much as possible, Erin combines these three aspects to write informational blog posts for her readers. You will find trials, tutorials, tips, reviews, guides, features, and other general information. This blog is also a way for Erin to show her love for her hobbies and to practice her writing.

The Name. “Hainrihi” is the name of Erin’s childhood anime crush and has been her alias since high school. Erin thought she has already outgrown it. But when she created this blog in 2010 and changed the name in 2012, “Hainrihi” came to her mind. She knew then that it was something she couldn’t let go and that name will stick to her.

Disclaimer: Most posts found in this personal blog are written from the blogger’s point of view and based on her experiences, perspectives, and opinions. 

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