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About “Hainrihi’s Discoveries” 

This blog is about the blogger’s discoveries on anything related to anime, cosplay, make-up, beauty, and shopping. They are connected to each other as the blogger discovers stuff through her love for anime and cosplay. You will find general information, tutorials, trials, tips, and reviews regarding the topics mentioned above.  This is also a way for the blogger to show her love for the hobbies and to tell people that her hobbies help in relieving stress. She doesn't expect people to agree with what she says as long as there is interaction and she practices her writing in a fun way. 
She will also be writing about events, lifestyle, and the life of being a writer 

Disclaimer: This blog has a personal touch  and most posts are based on the blogger's point-of-view, experiences, perspectives, and opinions.  

About the Blogger


A writer and a late bloomer who loves to think and look at things beyond what other people see. Cosplayer. Anime Lover. Animal Lover. Book Lover. Harry Potter Fan. Loves Marc very much. Loves anime, cosplay, makeup---something that this blog is all about. 

A late bloomer when it comes to almost everything.

If she is not writing, she is seen reading a book, surfing the net, or watching movies and TV series. 

She hopes to live life to the fullest and be spontaneous once in awhile.


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