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After many leaks and a delayed release, Hu Tao, the Director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, has been officially introduced by Mihoyo in the Genshin Impact Facebook page---together with an official art. 

Delayed Hu Tao Banner 

Before Version 1.3 arrived, players were speculating that Hu Tao would come after Xiao. However, everyone was surprised when Keqing was revealed instead. 

According to what I have researched, Hu Tao was delayed due to her relation to death, being that she is a funeral parlor director. For Chinese people, death can’t be associated with Chinese New Year because it is believed to bring bad luck. In addition, the word “Keqing” in Chinese is associated with good luck. Thus, this is the reason Hu Tao was delayed and Keqing became part of the Lantern Rite Festival event instead. 

But now that Chinese New Year is over and March is here, Mihoyo need not worry about death anymore. They finally released Hu Tao’s introduction and banner, and fans are very excited to pull her! 

Also included in the banner are 4-star Liyue characters Xiangling, Chongyun, and Xinqui, who will all have a huge drop-rate boost.

So Who is Hu Tao? 

Hu Tao is the 77th-Generation Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue, as well as Zhongli’s boss (since he is a consultant there). According to GI’s official website, Hu Tao is “a person vital to managing Liyue's funerary affairs. She does her utmost to flawlessly carry out a person's last rites and preserve the world's balance of yin and yang. Aside from this, she is also a talented poet whose many "masterpieces" have passed around Liyue's populace by word of mouth”. 

Here’s some other information about Hu Tao from Genshin Impact's official website: 

Mihoyo also released her character teaser video and I love her personality and mischievousness: 

What to Look Forward to in the Hu Tao Banner

The Hu Tao Banner is Phase 2 of Version 1.3, and just like Phase 1’s Lantern Rite Festival, it comes with a few events. 

Hu Tao Story Quest

Of course, a new character banner wouldn’t be complete without a story quest of Hu Tao, which is titled "Papilio Charontis Chapter”. Ever since I played Genshin, I have always loved the story quests of not just the 5-star characters, but of the other 4-star characters as well. Their stories are very intriguing and I want to learn more about their background stories and their contribution to the whole game story. Thus, I’m excited for Hu Tao’s story quest and I do hope Zhongli makes a guest appearance. 

"Epitome Invocation" Weapon Banner 

In this event, players will get the chance to own two event exclusive 5-star weapons: Staff of Homa (Polearm) and Wolf's Gravestone (Claymore). In addition, the event-exclusive 4-star weapons Lithic Blade (Claymore) and Lithic Spear (Polearm), and the 4-star weapons Lion's Roar (Sword), Sacrificial Bow (Bow), and The Widsith (Catalyst) will get a huge drop-rate boost. 

So if you want Hu Tao to have a powerful polearm weapon or your Diluc to have an awesome claymore weapon, you can opt to pull in this banner. Just make sure to weigh in what you really want and decide well. ^_^

Test Run: Hu Tao, Xinqui, and Chongyu

Just like in the past banners, you can test Hu Tao, Xinqui, and Chongyun. With these trials, you get a feel of their attacks, elemental skills, and elemental bursts, which will help you in deciding whether to get them or not. In addition, once you finish the trial, you receive various rewards. 

Vishaps and Where to Find Them Expedition Event 

In this event, Katheryne from the Adventurers’ Guild will post a daily investigative expedition. Once you have completed each expedition, you can earn primogems and other rewards. This is good to hear because it means that we have more activities to do. 

Hype for Hu Tao is Real! 

Hu Tao will be coming to Genshin Impact on March 2, 2021, Tuesday at 6:00 PM China time until March 16, 2021, Tuesday. Take note that times differ depending on your time zone. 

I’m actually excited for both her AND her story quest. And I know A LOT of players are excited to pull Hu Tao and make her part of their teams. I won’t be pulling for her though because I’m saving my primogems for a future character. 

However, my husband, Jacob Play, will be pulling for Hu Tao on Tuesday at 10:00 PM Philippine time and he’ll be streaming it. So please watch his live stream and like and follow his Facebook page as well. ^_^


Are you excited for Hu Tao? Will you be pulling for her? Let me know in the comments section below. We can also discuss in my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. 

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