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Make your bathroom experience better with these smart bathroom products from Kohler.

You might think technology doesn’t belong in the bathroom; but going hi-tech can have quite a lot of benefits with how you go about your day. Smart devices in the bathroom can add convenience and control to your everyday tasks: from getting ready in the morning to taking a nice relaxing bath after a hard day's work

Intelligent Toilets

The toilet might not be your first guess to turn tech, but this is one of the more popular fixtures to have. And for good reason! With toilet seat lids that open hands-free, to temperature adjusted seats to keep your bum toasty, to automatic flushing that senses your movement, intelligent toilets might just have everything you could ever ask for. The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet from Kohler even has warm-water washing and warm-air drying to make sure you're as comfortable as can be while in the loo. It also sports an automatic UV light that disinfects your toilet bowl and bidet every 24 hours to keep everything germ free and sanitary. Did we mention it has both audio and lighting features.

Digital Shower Interface

We've all had those moments where we turn on our showers only to have hot water almost scalding our skin. Digital showers let you set temperature limits to keep that from happening. The DTV Prompt has a digital interface that lets you customize your shower settings, from the water’s temperature to which shower head you would like to use---all in a sleek and uncluttered package. You can even set a timer for your shower or pause and resume in a snap. Some models even have an Eco Mode that reduces water usage by letting your shower use only one outlet at a time.


Yes, you read that right: even mirrors can have computers in them. The Verdara Voice Lighted Mirror has lots of neat features that make it a very convenient aid when you’re getting ready. Verdara’s integration supports Amazon Alexa that enables you to play music, start up your shower, shop online, and get traffic updates and news, all without a touch of a button. It comes with hands-free, energy-efficient lighting levels that illuminate your face perfectly when putting on make-up and a motion-activated night light for navigating your bathroom even in the dark so no more whiplash on 2 AM bathroom visits. It also comes in different sizes to fit every bathroom perfectly.

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