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I’m not into sweets, but I do love chewy cookies that give soft textures and fruity tastes. I also like the unique ones, just like the ones from Fet Boys. 

Chef Kirk Ngo of Fet Boys is indeed a trailblazer. After making the first ever Coffee Butterscotch Cookie, he is now launching his newest creation: the Prettier than Pink Cookies. 

Derived from Ruby Chocolate, the Prettier than Pink cookie is the first of its kind. Ruby Chocolate is the fourth type of chocolate that is accepted as "real chocolate." It is derived from Ruby Cacao beans, which give a natural pink color. 

What makes Ruby Chocolate unique is its taste, which is characterized by fruity notes and a pink color that is all-natural. After Dark, Milk, and White chocolates, Ruby is the newest chocolate in the market and it is about to become the next big thing.

In 2020, Chef Kirk of Fet Boys launched his Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies that were as big as a regular guy’s palm---and it was a hit!. In the last quarter of 2020 alone, he made over 5000 pieces of his giant creation.

He also invented the Coffee Butterscotch Cookie and this was an instant hit to all coffee lovers because it is best paired with their favorite morning drink: a cup of joe. However, what truly sets apart the Fet Boys cookie is that it is best eaten chilled. Unlike other cookies that are tastier when heated, the Fet Boys cookies are even better after being chilled in the ref. 

So grab these sweet cookies and have them as desserts after a delicious meal. If you like to know more about the Prettier than Pink Cookies and other sweets, visit the Fet Boys FB page today. 

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