Smart Bathroom: 8 Fixtures for a High-Tech Bathroom

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Innovation is inherent in humans. It allows us to progress and ensures efficiency in everything we do. 

So, if you plan to renovate and upgrade your bathroom, it would be best to consider getting smart bathroom fixtures. If you do not know what they are, here are eight examples:

Intelligent Toilet

You might ask yourself, "Why would I need an upgraded toilet when what I have is perfect?"

The thing is, intelligent toilets will make your bathroom trip much convenient. A smart toilet is eco-friendly since it helps you conserve water when flushing.

It also features a built-in speaker, mp3, and an FM radio that you can listen to while you're doing your business. Plus, it has a touch screen remote and a hands-free application, so no more hand flushing.

Other features include feet warmer, intrinsic air dryer, and a fully functional bidet. Lastly, intelligent toilets come with a stunning design that will complement any bathroom styles.

Cleansing Bidet Seat

A cleansing bidet seat will make you feel like you're in a spa or a luxury hotel. That's because this bidet seat can reduce your usage of toilet papers and improves your hygiene.

It also has spa-like amenities and bidet functions, such as a heated seat. Other features include an adjustable water temperature, pressure, and position.

Lastly, it has a one-touch control and auto-opening, a UV light to clean the toilet bowl, and so much more.

Touchless Faucet

A touchless bathroom faucet will turn itself on and off without hassle with just a simple wave of a hand. Say goodbye to switches because this faucet uses sensors.

It gives you complete control and responds to any movement you make. Thus, it ensures that you can clean your hands and wash your face with ease.

Furthermore, a touchless faucet prevents you from spreading germs and grime in the bathroom.

Digital Showering System

You should consider getting a digital shower system. Why? Because a digital showering system gives you accurate control and customization than a regular shower.

It's easy to use and helps you to have a clean and uncluttered space. Plus, it has a digital thermostatic valve technology that grants you accurate and safe temperature control.

The digital shower system is also easy to install, and it has an eco-mode that helps you conserve water.

Whirlpool Bath

Whirlpool baths are amazing. They don't just look fancy, but they also have health benefits.

Taking a regular bath in a whirlpool bathtub may help improve your skin. That's because the circular motion improves blood flow, making your skin radiant and youthful.

It also helps you relax after a long day. That's because the whirlpool is believed to treat arthritis and muscle pain. It's like getting a massage inside your bathroom.

That said, you should add a whirlpool bathtub in your smart bathroom.

Refrigerated Bathroom Cabinet

This might come out silly, but it's true. These bathroom cabinets are now refrigerated so that they can extend the shelf life of your medicines and cosmetics.

You can also store drinks inside. So that when you decide to relax while taking a soak in your bathtub, you can quickly get some refreshing beverages.

Fitbit Wi-Fi Scale

The Fitbit Wi-Fi scale is a smart measurement device. It is easy to install and uses advanced technology that can track your weight, lean mass, body fat, and so on.

The scale is intelligent enough that it can recognize at least eight users. However, each person must create an account before using the device.

This eye-catching scale has two different colors: Black and white. It has a bubble pattern that's made up of abs plastic for a firm grip on its underside.

Waterproof TV

Some people like to watch a TV show while taking a nice long bath. This explains why there are people who take their smartphones and tablets with them in the bathroom.

But there is the risk that they might drop their device in the shower or toilet bowl. So why not install a waterproof TV?

A waterproof TV has durable tempered glass. Meaning, it won't shatter like ordinary glasses. Instead, it would only crumble into small granules to avoid further injuries.

Moreover, a waterproof TV comes with waterproof remote control.


Completing the smart bathroom fixture listed above would make your bathroom look modern. Everything around you will be convenient.

For one, an intelligent toilet means you will not have to worry about catching germs after using it, thanks to its UV light feature.

You can also enjoy music or watch your favorite TV shows while taking a bath. There is no need to bring your mobile device to kill time.

And when you are done, let the cleansing bidet seat take care of you. And then, you can hop in your whirlpool bathtub and relax while sipping a cold drink you stored in your refrigerated bathroom cabinet.

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