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Traditional doesn’t have to mean outdated. Exploring and getting inspiration from classical designs can give quite the upgrade to any modern bathroom and turn it into a chic and sophisticated space. 

One doesn’t think of the humble sink as their go-to centerpiece, but a well-matched basin can provide both function and artistry that ties together the entire bathroom. With the right combination of texture, color, and material, you can achieve a look that’s both classic and full of charm.

A Rustic Twist

Iron is a good option to add a unique industrial feel to any bathroom. Inspired by Classic American Design, The Brockway Sink is made from KOHLER Cast Iron and features an elegant look that is both functional and stylish. This blend of contemporary and classical results in a charming silhouette that’s right at home in a modern bathroom.

Glamorous and Exquisite

Compared to steel, metals like gold and bronze add a warm tone to your bathroom.  Unapologetic statement pieces like the Laureate Lavatory in Rose Gold with its Polished Gold finish and embossed metalwork evokes a refined and elegant feel. With its design inspired by the metalwork style used by 18th century Ottoman Turkish architecture and fabric, this sink is a good choice for people who are unafraid to adorn their bathrooms with a piece of history.

Art from Nature

Whether it be bold or subtle, colorful or minimalist, floral patterns can add a unique texture to your bathroom and elevate the style of any given space. With its delicate gold and platinum embellishments and minimalist round shape, the Empress Bouquet Lavatory can add sophistication with its modern interpretation of 18th-century Chinese print work. There are slight variations to the patterns featured in every sink, making sure each basin is a unique piece that can’t be found in any other bathroom. 

By getting inspiration from the past and using some eye-catching pieces, you can make sure that any bathroom can express your own unique sense of style.

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