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How To Replace Tail Lights in a Ford Mustang
Whether you have a burnt-out lightbulb or a shattered assembly, a tail light issue can detract from the look, functionality and safety of your Ford Mustang. Thankfully, this is an easy DIY project. Use a VIN lookup tool to determine the exact tail light assembly or bulb you need and prepare to restore your Mustang’s safety and appearance.

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Prepare Your Work Area
Inspect your Ford Mustang to determine the extent of the damage. Some issues are only caused by a loose wire or burnt-out bulb, while others require complete tail light assembly replacement. Once you’re confident in the parts needed, order them online or stop by your local auto parts store.

Find a flat, dry place to park your Mustang and clean out the trunk. You’ll need to remove the trunk trim, so it’s important to have a clean work area. Gather the tools you need for your project. A 2005 to 2009 Mustang requires a flathead screwdriver and 11 mm socket wrench, but check with your owner’s manual to determine the exact tools needed for your year of Mustang.

Remove Trunk Trim
Access your tail lights by removing the plastic screws on both sides of the trunk trim. These screws should be easy to remove by hand, but if necessary you may need to gently turn them with a pair of pliers.

Next, there are four center pin lock retainers holding the trim panel in place. These retainers look like plastic rivets and appear difficult to remove. With some patience, work a flathead screwdriver under the head of the retainer and carefully lift up. Don’t attempt to force it, because this can damage the pin. They should pop out without damage. Set them to the side and reuse them if they are still intact.

After these four pins and two screws are removed, the entire plastic trunk trim piece can be removed from your Mustang. Set it to the side and look for three 11 mm nuts near the back of your tail light.

Loosen and Remove Brake Light Nuts
These three nuts hold the light assembly in place. Once you remove them, you have access to the bulb compartment. Check all the components to see if there’s any additional damage to the assembly or other bulbs.

Remove Old Bulb or Assembly
Carefully remove the burn-out bulb or damaged assembly, taking care not to scratch your paint or damage other components as you pull it out. Clean the area of any shattered bulb or light assembly pieces.

Replace Your Tail Light
Your new tail light components should fit in easily. Check that it fits securely and is compatible with your electrical connector. Don’t attempt to force a tail light assembly or bulb into place if it isn’t the right size.

Photo by: Antranias

Replace Components and Try It Out
All that’s left is to put your tail light assembly and trunk trim back together. Turn on your Mustang and check out your work. For more information about replacing tail light bulb or purchasing the best bulbs and assemblies for your Mustang, check out an online store or talk to your local auto parts store representative today.

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