Press Release | Learn Simple and Easy-To-Prepare Recipes With Home Foodie Season 5

5:31 PM

As a child, I grew up NOT learning how to cook because my mom wasn’t a bit of a fan of cooking. Thus, I was desperate to learn how to do it. I was so jealous of those who really knew cooking. And, as much as I want to talk about food, I couldn’t because I didn’t know how to create them. This is the reason why I love watching cooking shows, Tasty videos, and anything that has to do with cooking. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to learn to do even just simple meals not just for me, but for my husband.

One of the cooking/food shows that I like to watch is Home Foodie of GMA 7. It is a show for everyone who loves cooking, food, and eating. Now on its 5th season, the San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Chefs Yen, Martin and John are collaborating with real life couple Drew Arellano and lya Villanla. Together, they will continue to teach and entertain Home Foodies with resto-inspired and classics with twists meals while, at the same time, create new and level up ideas and easy-to-prepare as well as budget-friendly recipes.

Home Foodie is determined to provide new content to its viewers and, for this season, they are going out of their comfort zone---literally. A new element added is the hosts are going out of the kitchen for fresh ambience. Some of the cooking demos are done on location, with a refreshing view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges as the kitchen backdrop.

Home Foodie also engages more with its Ka-Home Foodie community on recipe ideas, questions, and needs that can be addressed by the show. In addition, since Drew is an adventurous host who loves to travel, he will roam around the city to personally talk to the viewers and netizens.

The recipes are ka-Home Foodie approved, thus they can be easily replicated by households and are suited for all family members. Lucky Home Foodies are also invited to the remote kitchen to watch the cooking demos and try the featured dishes.

Join Drew and lya, as they cook various Madalicious and Affordalicious meals for their growing family, together with the San Miguel Culinary Center Celebrity Chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Martin Narisma and John Valley in Home Foodie Season 5. It will be aired on GMA 7, beginning June 10, 2019, from Monday to Friday, after Unang Hirit.

Home Foodie episodes can also be enjoyed online through their website at, YouTube (Home Foodie), Facebook, lnstagram, and Twitter accounts (Home Foodie ph).

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