Gearing Towards A Fast and Efficient Government With National Telecommunications Commission

9:11 AM

The Philippines is undergoing chaos now, what with all the issues happening.  It’s hard to think that our country can come back up.
But for me, I believe things can change for the better if we start small. Sometimes, it can begin in a small organization that would serve as an inspiration to make things better. And this is the case with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), headed by Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordova.
When it comes to government agencies, Filipinos think of long lines, getting passed on from one staff to another, “masungit” staff, and waiting for hours just to process one card or document. But, NTC is trying to change that by being orderly and thinking of Filipinos’ times.
An appreciative citizen reported a great customer service that NTC did to him. Sam Florentino, a resident of Metro Manila, took the Radio Operator Examination at the agency. Since he knows how government agencies work, Sam expected the process and everything to be slow. But he was surprised that the moment he got to the NTC seminar/orientation, it started at exactly 8:00 am.

Not only that. After two weeks, he took the exam that also started on time. Then, when he came back for the results, Florentino was given a number and he didn’t need to wait for so long. In other words,  everything was so smooth-sailing that he wasn’t so used to it. Florentino actually appreciated everything.
I wouldn’t be surprised about Florentino’s reaction because I would react that way too. In fact, I experienced a rare time of having fast and orderly processes in a certain government agency. I was so surprised that everything was done that I was not even sure. Before I knew it, I already got the document that I needed.
Anyway, all of the NTC’s good efforts did not go unnoticed as Florentino reported their excellent service to the CSC Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB) as a way to say thank you. According to him, “Parang nasanay na ko sa magulong sistema sa mga government office na napupuntahan ko. But this time, I told myself I need to commend these government people for a job well done. We all need such appreciation.”

This is the kind of news that should be spread around because it just shows that government offices can improve in time in their customer service. Florentino congratulates all the government personnel who looked after him during the times he was in NTC. It was very refreshing to see positivity in a government agency and he made sure that everyone knew it.
At times when our country is on the verge of chaos, it’s always great to hear good news--- no matter how big or small. Even if this excellent service came from just one government agency, it can help other offices to improve on their staff and services. It’s high time that both government staff and Filipinos respect each other’s time and effort, so that we can have an efficient and orderly system that will make everyone’s lives easier.

We know it is not easy to change the old, ugly ways of the government offices. But if we just see one agency set an example, at least we can say that the journey to improvement is coming and change can happen. If Filipinos get the same service as what Florentino experienced, then Metro Manila (and soon, our country) can be a better place.

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