Promotion | Watch Netflix And More With Samsung’s Affordable UHD TV + Soundbar Bundle Promo

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As you all know, Marc and I are TV show and movie buffs. We download every episode of our TV shows and watch them almost every night (and the whole day of weekends LOL). As for movies, we watch them in cinemas around 3-4 times a month. If we can’t watch a movie in a cinema, we wait for the Bluray version, download it, and watch it on our free time. That’s why when we heard about Netflix, we really considered getting one for us and our family.

However, since we were still planning our wedding last year, we postponed purchasing a Netflix plan. Now that our wedding is done, we finally got ourselves our own Netflix account and we are very happy with that decision.We are trying to avoid the hot weather now by staying indoors and quenching our thirst with an ice-cold drink while watching the coolest movies and videos in the comfort of our living room.

All that is missing is a big TV and a high-quality soundbar.

While canvassing for a TV, we encountered Samsung’s Ultra High Definition TV and found out that they’re offering a promo. They have bundled their Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs and Soundbars at the most affordable prices. With both the TV and the soundbar, you can turn your living room into a virtual cinema for a more exciting home TV viewing experience.

With the Samsung TV bundle promo, the Samsung 65-inch Curved UHD TV now comes with the Samsung HW-K350 Soundbar for only P62,999, giving you an incredible 40% discount.

Samsung UHD TVs offer sharper and more detailed images with 4 times more pixels than a Full HD TV. They also provide access to different online content sites like YouTube, Netflix, and iFlix, to enable you to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies from different sources.

Samsung Soundbars improve your family’s TV viewing into a cinema-like experience with two built-in speakers and a 6.5-inch subwoofer that wirelessly connects to the TV to produce clearer and more impactful cinematic sound.

The Samsung TV bundle promo also features the Samsung 65-inch UHD TV and Samsung HW-K350 Soundbar for only P59,999 while the Samsung 49-inch UHD TV with the Samsung HW-N300 Soundbar is available for only P34,999.

So, head to any authorized Samsung dealer today and avail yourself of the Samsung UHD TV + Soundbar bundle. Promo runs from March 11 to April 30, 2019 only. Per DTI-NCR permit no. 3475 series of 2019. Visit for more details.


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