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When I was a kid, I knew I was not like other girls. I loved Barbie, but I also insisted my parents to buy me action figures from G.I. Jose, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Batman. In fact, when I went back to my childhood house recently, I saw figures of Batman, Joker, Penguin, and other characters from “Batman: The Animated Series” (which I religiously watched before). I realized that maybe Batman was my first favorite DC character---even before Wonder Woman. And of course, I learned to appreciate the Caped Crusader more because of my husband, who likes Batman as well.

Just recently, Marc and I joined a Facebook group called The Dark Knight PH, which consists of members who love everything about Batman. Whether you like the movies, comics, animated series or movies, or the merchandise, you’re welcome to join the group.

They also hold events, such as the Batcon 2017, where we learned about the group. While we just recently joined, The Dark Knight PH started on June 26, 3015 and has been around for three years already. To celebrate their third anniversary, TDKPH held a celebration party for its members last August 25, 2018 at the DC Super Heroes Cafe PH in SM Megamall.

Registration Table


Attended by 52 members, the anniversary party was an enjoyable celebration filled with delicious food from DC Super Heroes Cafe.

The Menu

The names behind some of the chairs.

Chicken Fingers a la Negra: Chicken tenders coated in squid ink then deep fried. Served with honey mustard and a side of slaw. Priced at P350

Pepperoni Focaccia Pizza: House-made pizze topped with pepperoni, cheese, olives, and jalapenos. Priced at P480

My favorite drink so far: Biscuit Mocha Latte: Brewed with a rich chocolate sauce, fresh milk, DC Espresso, and a delicious cookie spread. Priced at 160

Marc's drink: I forgot the name XD

I forgot to ask what this cake is. 

Members also interacted with each other about their love for Batman, geeky stuff, or just about anything under the sun. In addition, we met new people through a common friend.


While we were eating, TDKPH admin/head Paolo Ollero presented their future projects, such as:

A.L.F.R.E.D. Initiative - Creating activities and events to help members in need.
TDKPH Membership Card - Members who have this card can avail discounts from various toy/hobby shops and, hopefully, some restaurants.
TDKPH Subscription Box - Contains awesome goodies and merchandise.
The Road to Batcon 2019 - A series of Batman fan-gathering events leading to the most awaited Batcon 2019. This will start on Batman Day on September 15, 2018.


After the presentation, the TDKPH admins proceeded to the main event that members have been waiting for: the minor and major prizes.

During the registration, members were given raffle stubs with numbers: yellow for minor prizes and blue for major prizes.

Even before the event, the admins promised that attendees won’t go home empty-handed. True enough, they kept their promise as 52 attendees went home with their own minor prizes that included comic books, keychains, apparel, magazines, figures, and many more. All of these prizes are thanks to the following generous sponsors:

Badz Cabiles Palacio
NiƱo Mendoza

Here are the minor prizes that Marc and I won:

Photo by A Couple O' Geekz

Photo by A Couple O' Geekz

Thank you to Gabe's Homegrown Dishes and A Couple O' Geekz for our prizes.

If you think that the minor prizes were great, you haven’t seen the major ones yet. Some of those given away included a Kotobukiya Batman The Animated Series figure, an Armored Batman helmet with eye lights, signed art prints, signed comic books and prints by Alex Sinclair, Justice League Batmobile toy, Batman and Nightwing coin banks, exclusive Funko Pops, and other merchandise.

Actually, Marc and I were already happy with our minor prizes. In addition, we have great freebies from TDKPH. So we weren't expecting to win any major prizes. But I guess fate has something in mind because I won one of those prizes: the Armored Batman helmet with eye lights from Mark Industries!

Photo by A Couple O' Geekz

Thank you to Mark Industries for the Armored Batman Helmet.

Marc and I never expected to win this prize, so we went home really happy. Does this mean that we might cosplay a Batman-related character? Let’s see hehe XD


Overall, the party was worth the wait. Members met new friends, ate delicious food, and went home happy and satisfied. We are also very excited about TDKPH’s future projects and can’t wait to be part of those.

Photo by The Dark Knight PH group

Thank you to The Dark Knight PH group and its admins for creating this anniversary party. You have made the members love the group more with this intimate gathering. It’s nice to see members that we usually see online interact with each other and talk about geek stuff. We wish you more power in the group’s endeavors. Thank you also for being a community of everything Batman and DC. Congratulations on your third anniversary!

If you’re a Batman fan/enthusiast, I encourage you to join The Dark Knight PH group. Also, please like their FB page, BatCon by The Dark Knight Philippines.

Our DC and Batman Hauls

Our DC and Batman Hauls

~ Hainrihi

Were you in The Dark Knight PH Anniversary Party? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below.

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