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Anna is a proficient writer.  She consistently writes for her blog and plans her content carefully to attract clients. However, when she gets invited to cover live events, she prefers to stay behind the scenes. Engaging with people is difficult because she’s conscious of how she looks and speaks. Other bloggers in the room seem to be more polished and poised. This dampens her confidence from connecting with people.

Becca has good looks and being photogenic helped her audience get drawn to her OOTD posts. She is also prompt in creating video blogs from brands who request her services.  Recently, she was invited by a PR manager to a fashion gala and got dressed for the occasion. However, when the caterer began to serve their five-course dinner, her etiquette problems showed up. She lacked the knowledge in social graces and mixed up her dining utensils.

Candy understands how maintaining a lifestyle blog has a potential to get invitations for social events and product launches. She views blogging as a business and regards herself as an entrepreneur. Her strategy is not limited to improving her writing skills and learning social media but developing her personality, too. She is dressed appropriately for occasions, engages with people, and carries herself in a professional manner.

Have you been in a similar situation as Anna or Becca?  Or is your pursuit of blogging well-thought of like Candy?

If you’d like to enhance your image as a lifestyle blogger, Go Up Events Manila’s upcoming Personality Development Workshop (The Winning Image) could help achieve your goals. The whole-day learning event covers the following:

* Power Dressing - How to Choose an Outfit that Suits Your Style and Shape
* Basic Makeup - How to Apply Your Daytime and Evening Look
* Posture and Poise - How to Sit, Stand, and Walk + Tips in Posing for the Camera
* Dining and Social Graces - Do’s and Don’t’s When Attending Events

Interesting topics, right?  These will be presented by two caliber speakers! 

* Leizel Obuga - Affiliate, Association of Image Consultants International and Former John Robert Powers Trainer
* Katrina Cruz - Affiliate, Makeup Madness Philippines and Fashion Designers Alliance Philippines

Want to join?

The Winning Image Personality Development Workshop is scheduled on November 18, 2017 at The Ortigas Foundation Library.  Visit to register or email

The article is a guest post from Jonah Chipeco, Chief Marketing Officer of Go Up Events Manila and Skill Up Workshops. View her profile at

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