Geek Event | Highlights of AsiaPOP Comicon 2017 – Day 2

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AsiaPOP Comicon just ended. And as I type this, I realized that the whole event made us really tired. It surprised me a bit because we weren’t so dead tired last year. Then it dawned me: we rushed almost everything on both days that we didn’t even stop to take a long rest during the event. I guess we were really determined to accomplish everything in one and a half day.

“Wait, one and a half?!” Yup, that’s right. Somehow, plans change when family comes first.

We were supposed to go on Friday and Sunday. But when we found out that “Stranger Things” has a panel on Saturday, we decided with Saturday and Sunday. However, due to unforeseen family priorities, we arrived around 5:30 in the afternoon on Saturday and weren’t able to see the “Stranger Things” cast. We thought we would be able to go inside the main stage. But according to our friend who went to the panel, the organizers stopped letting people in the stage once the panel started. We were so disappointed because the “Stranger Things” cast was one of the reasons we were going to APCC :(

Despite that, Marc and I decided to accomplish other things when we arrived. Though we came very late, we got to do some APCC missions.

Meeting Artgerm

One of the things I was looking forward in APCC is meeting Artgerm and buying his artwork. Days before the event, Artgerm posted in Facebook that he will be selling some prints. I was already eyeing a few artworks (especially that Wonder Woman art) and, of course, have him sign them. Unfortunately, since we arrived very late, all the prints that I want were gone and only a few ones were left.

At first, I was discouraged because I really wanted the Wonder Woman and Darna prints. But, of course, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a signed Artgerm art. After asking Marc, I bought a Chun-Li print, since I love her in Street Fighter. And yes, Artgerm signed it!

Artgerm! :D
I love that Artgerm was just chill in his booth and was approachable. After taking this photo, I felt really happy. I have always admired Artgerm’s work and seeing him in person and buying his prints is a dream come true.

Seeing Friends in the Pop Culture Community

To be honest, being in APCC made us realized how much we miss going to pop culture/geek conventions. We missed seeing friends from the community. So when we saw them, we were happy.

Seeing Local and International Guests and Celebrities

APCC won’t be complete without seeing local and international guests. I met local celebrities who were there either as hosts or as congoers. It was fascinating to see them walking around without any bodyguards or escorts. And of course, I didn’t think twice of taking photos with them.

Rovilson Fernandez

Nyoy Volante
As for the international guests, we took photos with vinyl artist, Jason Freeny and international cosplayer, Haiden Hazard. I also had Jason and Whilce Portacio sign my event booklet.

Jason Freeny
Haiden Hazard

Final Say

Day 2 of APCC was really a rush because we only had two and a half hours to look around. But, at least, we were able to accomplish some of the things that we want to do. Marc and I promised ourselves that we will make up for everything on Day 3. J

Watch out for my blog post on Day 3 of APCC.


Did you go to AsiaPOP Comicon Day 2? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below. You can also reach me via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

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