Blog Challenge | February Photo Challenge

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Blog Challenge | February Photo Challenge

I have been so busy the whole February that I wasn’t able to do the February Photo Challenge. But, I really didn’t want to miss doing this, so I decided to compile the photos in one blog post. :)


Red was my least favorite color when I was little because it reminded me of mistakes. Remember when teachers marked notebooks and test papers with red ballpen, especially when you get something wrong? Well, that sort of started my fear with the color red.

Now, thanks to my boyfriend who loves that color, I learned to appreciate red. In fact, I noticed that most of the time, red is associated with festivity and celebration---especially on birthdays. It is the official color of Red Ribbon, people use red wrappers for gifts on birthdays and Christmas, and most candles are in red.

I love how red was emphasized in this photo, even though it is not the main color. Maybe it’s the brightness from the flame or the red lettering in “Happy Birthday”. Whatever brought out the color red, it gave the whole cake and its surroundings a festive mood.


When I went to Malaysia last year, my older sister, her family, and I went to the Philippine Embassy to watch the celebration of the 118th Philippine Independence. At first, I thought it was just a simple celebration. But when I got there, I saw so many colorful costumes and props---and most of them were worn by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

My sister told me that these OFWs give their all every time the embassy organizes Philippine events because they feel closer to their home country this way. They won’t feel that much homesick because they are interacting with fellow Filipinos who feel the same way. When she told me that, I looked at the OFWs and realized that they didn’t look sad; rather, they were enjoying the celebration. Despite the hardships that they are going through in this foreign land, the OFWs showed how much they are proud to be a Filipino by celebrating Independence Day.


I have always loved the combination of various colors because it gives the atmosphere a livelier vibe. In our office, almost everything is in neutral colors: white, grey, or black. So every time I see different colors in two or more objects, I get giddy with happiness. One example is “The Lego Movie” Lego set from Janis of Untouristing:

I love playing with Legos because they are so cute and flexible. I decided to make things even more colorful and fun in this set by placing my Wonder Woman Lego keychain beside Lord Business. Well, it looks like he is delighted with the arrangement hahaha XD

Anyway, the combination of blue, red, gold, pink, yellow, and other colors is such a great sight that I couldn’t resist taking a picture. The additional colors of white, green, black, and dark pink from other objects in the background gives the whole setting a happy and lively atmosphere.


Love comes in all forms, whether it is between a mother and a daughter, a dog and a cat, a girl and a dog, a boy and a boy, or a boy and a girl. I am always at awe with how much love is everywhere and it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to see it.For me, I saw two generations of love in the wedding of my high school friend.

The love of a young couple who just officiated their union in the church and the love of an old couple who are still married even after more than 30 years. Seeing these two generations of love really tugs at my heartstrings. These two couples have shown everyone that love is real, that love is forever, and that love will always win.


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