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I love balconies. For others, a balcony is just for display or a way to view what is outside. But for me, it is a place where I can see different stories based on my perspective. Every time I enter a new house or stay in a hotel with a balcony, I go out and take a photo of what lies beyond the EDGE.


In my 2014 trip to Boracay, the balcony had a view of the swimming pool area. This panorama photo was taken first thing in the morning and it was great to see the area empty and calm. The view was relaxing and it made my vacation more enjoyable---especially since it was my first time to go to Boracay.


While waiting for a wedding ceremony, our barkada lingered in the balcony of Plaza Ibarra in Tagaytay City. Here, we took selfies, told stories, and ate lunch. During that time, we saw the groom, Jayson, standing on one of the venue’s gazebo roofs. Apparently, the wedding photographers wanted to take a photo of him with the Taal Volcano in the background. I immediately took a photo of the scene and this was the result:

I had mixed feelings when I took this because 1) Jayson was standing on a high place, so I was nervous that he might fall with just one wrong move and 2) despite the situation, the view was spectacular, thanks to the Taal Volcano in the background. 

My friends were also nervous because they were scared for Jayson. Little did we know, the bride already saw this scene hahaha. Despite that, we still had a great time looking at the scene and we were even shouting words of encouragement to Jayson.

I can’t explain why, but balconies are very special to me. In fact, I love balconies so much that I plan to put one when Marc and I have our own place in the future. I learn many stories and see various things when I look beyond the edge of a balcony. Apart from that, balconies show me that there is more to the world and I just have to explore it.


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