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Ever since my cousin, Kuya Stuart, introduced me to 3D printing years ago, I have been fascinated by its awesomeness. I couldn’t believe then that you can create anything in 3D form using a printer. Though, this isn’t an ordinary printer. It’s a 3D printer that uses specialized materials to create solid objects. Whether you want a small figure of your favorite character or a customized iPhone case, a 3D printer can do that for you.

I finally saw how great these printers are in person last ToyCon 2014 when Kuya Stuart had a booth to promote his 3D printing services. He wanted to create a 3D figure of me in my Uiharu costume, so he took my measurements and scales using a certain device. I forgot what it looked like, but Kuya Stuart required me to stand at a designated mark and, very slowly, turned 360 degrees. Once done, he showed me a figure of myself in the computer and said that he would give me the 3D model in a few weeks.

True enough, after a few weeks, my dad gave me the 3D figure:

Since then, I have always wanted to try or see how a 3D printer works. In fact, I am looking for a company that can provide the public with 3D printing services---and I just found one: Shapecloud.

I was able to see Shapecloud’s printer and their 3D samples in the Blogapalooza last November 5, 2016.

Shapecloud is the first online 3D printing service platform in the Philippines that serves as a user-friendly avenue for students, hobbyists, designers, and young professionals to explore their artistic side.

With 3D printing, it is possible to turn 3D models into solid objects. Custom fit based on the 3D computer aided design (CAD), this type of printing serves as an on-demand avenue towards manufacturing for everyone. The possibilities are endless with 3D printing.

When you work with Shapecloud, you can print any of the following:
• Architectural Models
• Prototypes
• Brand and Company Logos
• Toy Figures
• Phone Cases
• Keychains
• Board Game Pieces

How It Works

1. Upload
Design and upload your 3D model on our website or select a design using marketplaces and apps. You can check our design guide for tips. Or, you can hire us to make a 3D design for you!
2. Print
After uploading, check for the feedback and quotation of your design. See our services tab for more information on what we do.
3. Deliver
Lastly, after finalizing the details and payment of your order, start getting excited for the delivery or pick-up of your 3D print!

Available Services

Shapecloud’s main service is to provide 3D printing services for its customers by creating custom objects for personal projects, business prototypes, finished products, special gifts, and many more. We offer a number of different combinations for color and create a finishing touch that fit our customers’ preferences. Apart from 3D printing, we offer the following services:
• Multicoat Painting (Single Color)
• Full Color Painting
• Metal Finishing (Bronze)
• 3D Scanning
• 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)
• 3D Modeling
• Post-3D Print Manufacturing
For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at
Shapecloud PH
Official Site:
Mobile: 0917-5362852

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