Personal | Late Birthday Post, New Domain

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Personal | Late Birthday Post, New Domain

When the “ber” months entered the year, I had mixed feelings. It’s the time when Christmas is in the air and everyone will be in a holiday mood. For me, the coming of September indicated that I turned a year older. It was good that my birthday was on a weekend because I spent it well with my boyfriend, Marc.


Last September 17, Saturday, I started my birthday celebration by trying out a new restaurant called Finio Cafe & Restaurant for dinner. It is located in Tomas Morato and offers buffet services for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at affordable prices. Marc already tried this and said that it was worth trying---and I agree. I’ll be doing a separate post on Finio, but I can tell you it’s a great restaurant that you should really try.


After dinner, we went to Trinoma to finally watch “Train to Busan”. Just like in every movie that we watch, especially the blockbusters, we lowered our expectations here.

And it’s a good thing we did because “Train to Busan” was such a great movie! It was full of action, drama, and even a bit of comedy. I am glad that we watched it in the cinema because the feel of the movie was better. All in all, the hype was true and the movie exceeded my expectations.

For those who haven’t watched it yet, you can wait for it to come out online or in Blu-ray. I don’t think it’s still showing in cinemas anymore.


The next day, September 18, Sunday, was my birthday. I spent most of the day at home, but Marc and I went out for dessert. Since we wanted to try something different, we went to Bonifacio Global City and ate at Cupcakes by Sonja. I have been craving for cupcakes for a long time and Sonja is the perfect place to satisfy it.

Here are what we ordered:

(Top plate to clockwise)
Elvis – 125.00
Oreo® cookie crust filled with rich peanut butter cream and Reese's® chocolate bits, slathered with chocolate and caramel, topped with caramelized banana slices and whipped cream.

Death by Chocolate Cake/Mah-Mah-My Valrhona – P150.00 per slice
Dark, decadent, Valrhona chocolate cake, overloaded with shavings of pure Belgian milk chocolate.

Peppermint Patty – P85.00
Valrhona® dark chocolate cupcake topped with our peppermint frosting and sprinkles.

Most of the desserts that we ordered were too sweet to me, especially the Death by Chocolate Cake/Mah-Mah-My Valrhona. But, overall, it was wonderful to taste these sweets on my special day, with the love of my life. My cravings for cupcakes were satisfied, so everything was worth it.

Gift to Myself

Of course, my birthday weekend will not be complete without gifts for myself.

Since we were already in BGC, Marc and I passed by Fully Booked. After spending an hour looking for a book, I finally bought “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan. 

However, the main gift that I gave to myself is something that I have wanted ever since I started this blog. Everyone, I present to you, MY OWN DOMAIN!

YES! I finally have my own domain! I am so happy! :D

I bought the domain last August, but I intended to make it active on my birthday as a gift for myself. This is also my way of remembering the date when I activated my new domain.

For those who still bookmarked, no need to worry. When you type that URL, it will redirect to However, I’ll be promoting this new URL soon, so please bookmark or follow it.

My birthday weekend was a simple but great occasion and I’m happy to have spent it with my boyfriend. I’m a year older and I have grown a lot. But there is still a part of me that remains the same---which is being young at heart. This is actually what my blog is all about: how much I have grown and how young I still am in my heart. It’s something that has been up for years and I plan to continue growing this baby in the next years to come. :)


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