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For those who know me well, I am not a fashionista. I don’t know how to wear fashionably and I can’t call myself stylish. Even if I read some of the latest fashion trends, my wardrobe is far from being updated---though I am working on that. Maybe because I prefer to wear comfortably than fashionably.

Despite that, I still think I dress decently. What is important is I am comfortable, I look good, AND---I show my personality. One of the ways I do that is to wear my favorite geek shirts.

Marc and I are geeks. When going to cosplay or pop culture conventions, we see to it that we buy geek shirts to show our love for a certain fandom. This is why I love custom shirts. When we see a logo or image that represents our love for a fandom, we always want it printed on a shirt. This is what actually happened with my Wayne Industries shirt.

Photo by Marc Ponce de Leon

I saw the Wayne Industries logo at Red Monster Shop in NexCon 3 and I really wanted it on a shirt. The booth was also offering custom shirt printing, so I was thrilled. But I didn’t buy it yet because I wanted to see if there are better geek shirts in other booths. Despite doing that, the Wayne Industries logo was going through my head. After roaming around and realizing I won’t find a better shirt, I went back to that store and had the logo printed on a black shirt.

Photo by Marc Ponce de Leon

When Marc and I went for a Sunday date, I decided to wear the Wayne Industries shirt because 1) I just saw The Killing Joke and still had some Batman feels and 2) I love Batman. Thanks to my boyfriend. Before loving Batman, I did not have any favorite DC male superhero. With Marc’s influence, I started to see how awesome Batman is. So yeah, wearing this meant I’m showing my love for the Dark Knight.

Photo by Marc Ponce de Leon

Since I am all about comfort, I paired this geek shirt with black skinny jeans from a thrift store and a pair of wedge sandals from Boardwalk. Of course, my look wouldn’t be complete without the yellow glasses from my Chie Satonaka (Persona 4) cosplay, simple makeup, and a Jansport mini backpack.

Photo by Marc Ponce de Leon

Well, look at that, The Killing Joke graphic novel in the hands of a Wayne. But seriously, I would love to read this novel. So, I hope to get my hands on it. :) Someday.

And just like any date, Marc and I wore couple geeky shirts. Marc is wearing a BB-8 shirt from Geeking Tom.

Wearing our favorite geeky shirts is just one of the ways that we show our love for geek stuff. We also buy figures, keychains, charms, pins, and other collectibles from our favorite TV shows, movies, books, animes, and games. Every time we go to pop culture and anime conventions, we always make sure to buy any of this merchandise.

I would also love to try the nerdy subscription boxes that contain awesome items from various fandoms and games. One of the companies offering these boxes is Loot Crate. It is your source for everything nerdy and geeky, as you get cool collectibles from your favorite franchises in one box.

Out of all the geeky subscription boxes that I researched, Loot Crate is the most unique because they have specific “crates” such as Loot Anime, Loot Gaming, Loot Pets, and even Loot Wear. Yes, they offer apparel from Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Doctor Strange, and Adventure Time. I love that they have Loot Wear specifically for women, which they consider as one of their big hits. Now that is my cup of tea! I would really want to get my hands on Loot Wear and show everyone my love for geekery.

I may not be as fashionable or stylish as others, but at least I am comfortable and look decent with whatever I wear. And the best part is I get to wear my favorite fandom anywhere! :D


Do you have a favorite geeky shirt that you always want to wear? Where do you buy your shirts? I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below. You can also reach me via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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