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August 7, 2016

I always have a soft spot for children that I even wrote a post about it. Every time there is bad news that involves children, I get sad and angry. They are the future of our society, so they should be given the proper care, love, and education that they deserve.

However, they don’t get these privileges because various Filipino issues get in the way. Nearly one-third of Filipino children are deprived of health care, safe water, clean toilet facilities, decent shelter, nutritious food, and education because of these issues.

Almost four million Filipino children are classified as out-of-school youth. Some of the reasons that contribute to this problem are insufficient family incomes, poverty, illness, child labor, teen marriage, disability, inaccessibility to schools, and (the most common) high cost of education. Due to these factors, children don’t get the proper learning, development, and value formation that they need at a young age.

While there are organizations and groups who help these children, it is still up to us whether they get the best education or not. Let us protect the children from further harm. Let us take them away from the streets, dumpsites, quarries, farmlands, and construction sites. Let us bring them back to school.

We can help these children by joining the campaign of Robinson’s Supermarket, Unilever Philippines, and World Vision. They joined hands to launch the “Bags of Hope” campaign, which aims to help World Vision Kids on their education and their future.

Be a committed donor to this advocacy by purchasing a “Bags of Hope” pack from any Robinson’s Supermarket branch. You can choose from buying two 450 ml bottles of Lady’s Choice two Mayonaise, Ham, or Bacon spreads. This purchase will automatically entitle you to receive a “collectible school bag”, which comes in four designs. At the same time, you provide the World Vision Kids school supplies in support of their education.

2 470 ml Lady’s Choice Bacon Spread,
2 470 ml Lady’s Choice Ham Spread,
2 470 ml Lady’s Choice Mayo Spread,
OR combination of any flavors

Collectible School Bag

School Supplies for the World Vision Kids

Do you have the heart to transform a child’s life? You have the ability to make an impact. Make that helpful choice now. Share the Bags of Hope pack to a child and give him or her a chance in education and life.

Have you bought a “Bags of Hope” pack in any Robinson’s Supermarket? Tell me about it in the comments section below. You can also talk to me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

~ Hainrihi

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