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3:27 AM

One of my main goals this 2016 is to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason why I enrolled in a gym together with my boyfriend last year. Ever since I worked in my present company, I was not able to watch my health that much. Now I have to look after my body by exercising regularly and eating the right food. I am slowly doing these, but it is not easy. Hopefully, I will be able to, at least, improve my health by the middle of the year.

Part of going into the fitness world and improving my health is buying and getting the “gear” that comes with it. I downloaded and researched some exercise routines to know what work out programs will work for me. In addition, I bought a tumbler, towels, apparel, and a pair of shoes.

However, while the shoes that I bought are okay for me, I think it gave my feet some callouses and corns. I long to have comfortable gym shoes that are perfect for exercising, as well as running. I want to run in a marathon, so I will need to buy another pair just for that. Upon researching for various running shoes online, one of those that caught my attention is the Nike Roshe Runs. The shoes look so trendy and really fits my personality that I knew I just had to own a pair. I might not be able to buy it now, but I am saving up for it. And when I am ready, I will  buy it in ZALORA.

I was happy to find out that Nike Roshe Runs are available at ZALORA Philippines. When I am ready to buy these shoes, I can order it online. Since I have a busy schedule, ordering in ZALORA is more convenient than going through traffic on the way to the mall. Everything is easy and hassle-free, so you have nothing to worry about. In fact, if you plan to buy Nike shoes, I recommend you buy them at ZALORA.

I cannot wait to buy my Nike shoes and use it when I go the gym and when running my first marathon. Afterwards, I might buy other Nike products in ZALORA Philippines too. :)


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  1. Is zalora selling legitimate nike shoes? I used to shop at for my shoes before but I want to try shopping at zalora this time.


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