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Oh dear, it has been a long time since I posted. December was a very busy month because of the holidays and New Year. January 2016 came and I had to adjust a new schedule at work and new stuff to get the year going. Now that I have settled things a bit, it is time for this New Year post.

2015 was a year of ups and downs for me. I experienced various challenges, hardships, and obstacles that led me to almost giving up. Despite that, 2015 was also the year that I learned to face them head on. It was the year where I learned to see things in a positive way despite what I have been experiencing. In short, I learned to be more mature and face everything with open arms. I realized that I have the potential to be the best in everything that I do.

One of my focuses last year was improving my performance at work because I was sort of in peril. During that time, I did not believe in myself and felt like giving up on everything. However, they offered me a chance to improve my performance and decided to take the opportunity. So, for three months, I did my very best to improve my quality, attendance, productivity, behavior, and other work aspects.

With the help and encouragement of my colleagues, family, Marc, and friends outside of work, I was able to improve everything. After passing the improvement program, I was regularized at work. Over the next months, I made my work better even until now. I also attended training programs to enhance my skills. 

I am still an Associate Copywriter in the same company, but I am looking forward to more opportunities and challenges. These will help hone my skills and talents. I still have a lot to learn, but I am motivated to get better this year.

Relationships have been a bit rocky last year, whether it be family, friends, or with Marc. I do not want to bore you with the long stories and details, but 2015 made me value all my relationships. I realized who I should trust and retain in my life. After all, these people were the ones who gave me the strength to face the challenges and to never give up. I was also able to rekindle old friendships and meet new friends. Last year, I had rocky relationships, but I also gained new ones that help make me a better person.

Well, my hobbies did not have that much focus last year because of work and personal reasons. For cosplay, I only did three characters and re-cosplayed previous ones because of time and budget. Blogging was also placed on the sidelines, as well as creating sample articles for magazine contributions. Lastly, I was not able to do any DIY projects.

Hopefully, that will change this year as I concentrate on new cosplays and makeup trials. I also want to make my blogging and writing more organized and frequent. Apart from that, I am focusing on creating various DIY projects related to planners, notebooks, and journals. Now that I am a bit more concentrated on stuff, I am hopeful I can do my hobbies.

A Year of Being Focused and Organized
For me, 2016 is my year to be more focused on various aspects in my life. I also want to go to higher heights and enhance my skills by attending some related workshops, training programs, or seminars. Lastly, it is important that I become more organized. I am looking forward to what I will experience this 2016.


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