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(Disclaimer: I would like to note that I only took a few videos and was more into  pictures because I prefer to watch the concert with my own eyes. If you want to see the videos of the songs, you can find them in YouTube :D)

Last May 5, 2015, at 8pm in SM MOA Arena, I left my 30-year-old self behind and became 13 again...

...because Backstreet's Back, alright!

That night was pure 90s nostalgia as AJ, Brian, Howie, Kevin, and Nick, aka the Backstreet Boys gave an all-out performance to their fans. EVERYONE partied like it was the 90s as the best-selling boy band sang the old hits as well as the new ones to fans of twenty-somethings to late 40s (based on my observation as I entered the venue). It was evident that the fans missed the Backstreet Boys---and they filled that void on without fail in their one-night concert.

As soon as the lights went out, we all went crazy. And when the intro played, everyone was on their feet, screaming their hearts out. The boys came out in blue formal wear and did a medley of "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and "The Call". From there, we knew the night was going to be an awesome and spectacular party. 

No Holds Barred: We Were Teenagers Again

When Nick Carter talked to the crowd, he told us that they “only have a couple of rules”. “Rule number one, we want you to go crazy of course” and everyone screamed. 

But what really stuck to us (especially me) throughout the concert is his rule number two: “We want you to act like you're 15 years old. I still am 15 years old, so why don't you?” I did not act like a 15-year old, I acted like a 13 YEARS OLD :D So yeah, for one night, I was a teenager again! 

Old Hits = Nostalgia
One of the main reasons we watched the Backstreet Boys: In A World Like This Tour is because we wanted to hear the boys sing the old hits that made them so successful. The last time I watched their concert was 2006, so I longed to hear them sing  “Quit Playing Games with My Heart”, “I'll Never Break Your Heart”, and “All I Have To Give” again.

They did not fail to make everyone nostalgic. Their intro already spelled that and was followed by "Don't Want You back", so everything started with a lot of hype. But I think, for me, what really made everyone so happy and nostalgic was when they sang “All I Have to Give”.

This is one of my favorite BSB songs, so hearing them sing it would have been enough for me. But when the boys sang AND danced to it, complete with the hats, my heart melted and I was overwhelmed with happiness. Even at the start of the concert, they already knew how to make us happy. 

So, as expected, the concert became a 90’s party EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY SANG THEIR OLD HITS. Everybody was dancing, singing-along, and partying with the boys when they sang “We've Got It Goin On”, “I Want It That Way”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “Everybody (Backstreet's Back)”, and “Larger Than Life”. And when it came to their slow songs, we were swooning over them, just like when we teenagers.

I also liked it when they slowed things down by singing their songs in acapella. I became proud of this part because they were able to show how good they are at playing the instruments :)   

Here are some pictures when they sang their old hits:

New Hits
Every time I watch a concert, I listen to the artists’ old and new songs. Before May 5, I always listened to the old AND new songs of the Backstreet Boys because I know they would be performing some of their new hits---especially those from their “In A World Like This” album. I wanted to sing-along with them in their new songs; plus the fact that their new hits are so beautiful.

Hearing the recent Backstreet Boys songs was one of the things I liked in the concert because it shows how much they have grown and matured in their music. It was great to hear feel-good songs that deliver heart-warming messages to everyone, which shows that they can still create new music after 22 years. For me, hearing their new hits was a nice break from the old ones and it made me happy to hear these hits live for the first time. J

I love the acoustic version of “Madeleine” as well as the nice performance “Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)”, where they mentioned that they wrote and dedicated this song to their children.

But my favorites are “In A World Like This” and “Breathe”. I was one of the few people in our section who actually stood up and sang-along to their “In A World Like This” performance because it is really a catchy song. The song’s message is beautiful and the beat was lively.

I love “Breathe” not only for its music, but also for what happened when they sang it. Before the song, AJ requested that we turn on our phone flashlights and wave it while they sang---and the result was spectacular and beautiful. I won’t elaborate any further as I will let the pictures below tell the story:

The thing that made me a little sad was not everyone knew BSB’s new hits, but I guess that was a bit expected. Well, I admit I was guilty of that before and only knew about their recent album around late 2014. But I made it a point to listen to their new songs before the concert as a way of supporting them. It was a good thing that I did that because I realized I still love, love, love BSB very much---whether they are singing their old songs or their new ones.

Big Pacquiao Fans

It was cool and nice to know that they were big Manny Pacquiao fans and that they watched the Pacquiao fight in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before their  big concert (Lol, I saw in their FB pages).  The fans were delighted when the boys talked about Manny Pacquiao.

"And I’ll tell you – we, the Backstreet Boys, want a rematch," Nick Carter told the crowd.

"Next time, it needs to be here"Thrilla in Manila, part 2, baby![…]" Howie D and Brian added.

"We’re big Manny Pacquiao fans,” Nick also said, in which the crowd happily cheered.

During their acoustic set, the boys sang “Madeleine” from the new album and towards the end, Nick changed “Madeleine” to “Manny” and “Pacquiao”. So, in a way, it was awesome that the Manila concert was a bit personalized as the Backstreet Boys saluted our Pambansang Kamao :)

They Still Got!

The post is getting long, lol, so I think you already have a big picture that I totally loved and enjoyed the recent BSB concert! It’s already been more than a week, but I still have that BSB hangover---that is how great the concert was! :D

And the best part about it is AJ, Brian, Howie, Kevin, and Nick still got it! The dance moves, the singing, the charm, the interaction with the fans, and everything else that made me love them back in 1997. It was a concert where I don’t mind going back to being a teenager again. And after watching them perform live, I know that in my heart that I still love them. They will never grow old. The Backstreet Boys will always be my favorite boy band ever! :)

My BSB Concert pals: Rina and Ash

In A World Like This Tour: Backstreet Boys live in Manila Setlist

1. The Call
2. Don't Want You Back
3. Incomplete
4. Permanent Stain
5. All I Have To Give
6. As Long As You Love Me
7. Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)
8. Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
9. Breathe
10. I'll Never Break Your Heart
11. We've Got It Goin On.
12. I Want It That Way and Drowning (acoustic)
13.10,000 Promises
14 Madeleine
15.Quit Playing Games with My Heart
16 The One
17. Love Somebody
18.Shape of my Heart
19. In A World Like This
20. I Want It That Way
21. Everybody ( Backstreet's Back)
22. Larger Than Life


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