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I want to wear shoes that are comfortable and, at the same time, will also make my feet and legs look beautiful. I am not concerned with the price since I believe it is okay to splurge on shoes. The important thing is I get what I paid for and that they really feel nice and good to wear.

Well, I am happy to announce that I have found a shoe store that will give me what I am looking for and it is called Lakhambini. The Lakhambini shoes are owned and designed by travel blogger and writer, Mai Flores of Budget Biyahera. Through her travels, she was able to create this business with the goal of giving the best shoes to women and, at the same time, preserving the Philippine culture and heritage.

Shoes for Comfort
Lakhambini shoes are made with the women's comfort in mind. Each pair have "specially designed arch support" that was born out of the extensive research on women's concerns when it comes to everyday footwear. Combined with this, Lakhambini's second goal is to help sustain and preserve the livelihood of Filipino weavers and shoemakers. The brand aims to be an all-around great fit for both the customer and its local craftsmen.

SONIA 3-Strap Sandals in two print-designs
(From Lakhambini FB Page)

ROMANA 2-Strap Slip-on Sandals in two print-designs
(From Lakhambini FB Page)

EDNA Ankle Strap Heels (Blue Insole & Red Insole)
(From Lakhambini FB Page)

IRENE Round-Toe Ballet Flats with Accent Piping and Ribbon
(From Lakhambini FB Page)

100% Locally Produced
Lakhambini is 100% locally produced, right from the materials to the construction. The long process of weaving the textile shows the country's indigenous culture, identity, and creativity. By working hand-in-hand with these local artisans, the brand aims to spread their craft to a wider audience and, hopefully, provide them with a sustainable livelihood while helping preserve their weaving tradition.

People are already wondering why the Lakhambini shoes are pricey (and believe me, I was one of them). But when I found out why, I am convinced that it is worth every peso to buy these shoes. Since shoes are my sole fashion guilty pleasures, I do not mind splurging on pricey shoes as long as they are worth it and they give me the following: comfort, durability, and the feeling of being confident and sexy. I found them all in Lakhambini. Every peso is worth it when I got my first ever Lakhambini shoes. If you are not convinced yet, check Budget Biyahera's blog post about the pricing.

Cordillera Summer Collection
Their first collection had a great turnout and, due to this, Lakhambini is bringing you their newest line of shoes: The Cordillera Summer Collection. If you check Lakhambini's Facebook page, you will see their summer-ready footwear that come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Below are just some of their shoes that I am already in love with!

IRENE V.2 Round-Toe Ballet Flats with Accent Piping and Bow Ribbon(From Lakhambini FB Page) 

LIMITED EDITION: SYLVIA Sling-back, T-strap, Toe-Ring Sandals(From Lakhambini FB Page)

EMILIA Platform Wedge Sandal with round open toe(From Lakhambini FB Page) 

First Lakhambini Shoes
I already bought my first pair of Lakhambini shoes, the EDNA Ankle Strap Heels (Blue Insole). I love the comfort that it gave me when I wore it in the office and in a Baptism. I will review the shoes soon, but here is a preview of my EDNA shoes:

Where to Catch Lakhambini?
Lakhambi is slowly getting known through media features and  by participating in bazaars. If you want to see the shoes yourselves and meet Mai in person, catch them in the Orange Summer Bazaar on April 18, Saturday at the Greenfield Weekend Market, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. They will be there from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 m.n. Don’t forget to join their P250 off promo, with the details below:

So like their social media pages now. Visit their online store as well.

Lakhambini. Fit for your Sole.

#OneHabiOneLahi #Lakhambini #FilipinoPride

~ Hainrihi

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