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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Everything posted here is my own opinion and I was not paid to post this.

As a late bloomer, one of my discoveries is makeup. I still have a lot of improving to do in this area, but I am happy to know that I have learned a lot in the past years that I can apply on both normal days and in cosplay. One of my makeup discoveries is mineral makeup through Ellana Mineral Cosmetics.

When I was just starting with makeup, I was still using the inexpensive onesBut I found out that these brands were not good for my skin. So I searched for the right brands and that’s when I found out about Ellana. I can’t remember where, but I discovered Ellana from a local makeup blog. That was around 2010 and the brand was relatively new. At that time, Ellana was the only company I knew that offered mineral makeup and, out of curiosity, I went to their old headquarters in West Avenue, Quezon City. 

To make the long story short, I was sold and loved mineral makeup AND Ellana since then. As a cosplayer, I just don’t put any makeup brand on my face. I knew it will always be part of my cosplay makeup kit.  I only get my mineral makeup at Ellana Mineral Cosmetics even though there are a lot of mineral makeup brands already. For me, it is still the place to get the best mineral makeup because it helps make my skin better. While I have other makeup brands in my kit, most of my makeup is from Ellana because of its positive effect on my skin.

After having tried and tested Ellana for the past 4 years, I recommend you to switch to real mineral makeup---whether you are a cosplayer or not. And when real mineral makeup, I mean those without binders, fillers, and preservatives found in other makeup brands.

That being said, here are 5 reasons why you should switch to real mineral makeup.

1. Mineral makeup cares for your skin. Compared to traditional makeup, mineral makeup is not harmful on your skin, thanks to its natural ingredients. It has less to zero irritants and doesn’t contain preservatives such as parabens that may cause negative reactions on your skin. MMU doesn’t have fillers and binders to “extend” the mineral ingredients.

With Ellana Minerals makeup, you won’t find any of these harmful ingredients. Instead, they contain allantoin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E that takes care of your skin as you wear them.

2. Mineral makeup is great for oily skin. Oh yes, I literally cheered when I read this. I have oily and dry skin, so looking for the right makeup is really hard. It is important to use makeup that won’t slide off when you oil up. When Ellana “boasted” of this feature, I knew I had to try it---and they didn’t fail me. Most of the makeup I used for my cosplays is from Ellana and they did well on my oily face. I still have to deal with the heat and humidity here in the Philippines, so I still get a bit oily in shoots or conventions. But not as much as before, so a simple retouch or an oil film blot is enough to remove that little oil. Mineral makeup actually looks better as the day goes on - you'll get a glowing finish!

I used Ellana foundation and finishing poweders here.

3. Mineral makeup contains natural sun protection. We need to keep our skin protected from the sun rays and mineral makeup helps you with that. Sunscreens are sometimes not enough because they contain Titanium dioxide to reflect the sun’s rays instead of your skin absorbing them. It's still best to wear sunscreen underneath, but it's always great to have added protection.

4. Mineral makeup provides a natural, skin-like finish. The thing about Ellana (or mineral makeup in general) that I like is it won’t make my face cakey or thick no matter how many layers I use. Other foundations I tried made my face look so white and powdery that it doesn’t look natural anymore. With Ellana, your face will have a natural glow. Below are just some of my cosplays where I used Ellana Mineral Makeup:

(c) Rina Rina

(c) Lawrence Fesalbon

(c) Lian Tablan

(c) Lawrence Fesalbon
5. Mineral makeup is affordable. Oh, I can really vouch for this and you really get your money’s worth in buying Ellana’s mineral makeup. There are luxurious brands out there, but you don't need to spend a lot just to get mineral cosmetics with amazing quality.

“Our high-coverage, long-wearing, and poreless finish foundations and powders are just P450 to P650 (for the pressed version). If you have a choice between going for drugstore makeup that may break you out or make you oilier, we've made the decision-making easier. ;) Go for mineral cosmetics instead!” – Ellana Mineral Cosmetics.

These are just some of the reasons why you should switch to mineral makeup, and getting them is easy---thanks to Ellana. And now that they expanded and added new products, I will surely buy more from them. They truly help make my cosplay makeup better and more comfortable.


If it is your first time to try Ellana Mineral Cosmetics and don’t know which shade is right for you, you can get free samples from them online. And you are lucky because they’re not giving the usual 5 free samples. 

Instead, they’ll be sending 22 samples of ALL their loose powder products. This includes Intensive Blend Foundations (10pcs), Finishing Powders (6pcs), Sheer Velvet (1pc), and Mineral Concealer Foundations (5pcs You will be able to try a little bit of everything before finally deciding on the perfect Ellana shade for your skin.

To take advantage of this offer, visit the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics site here, and just pay the minimal shipping/handling fee.     


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