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Food was never my strongest suit in all aspects. As I grew up, I never loved to eat. I am a moody eater because I rather sleep, write, or work than eat. I’m a picky eater  and I was never into “food trips” or “food adventures”. Thus, I was never good at food reviews and if you look at  my blog, you see just two to three food reviews (maybe even less). I don’t hate food. I was just never fond of it.

But that slowly changed through the years---especially when your boyfriend loves to eat and go to food trips. I was exposed to various food and we had a few food adventures. Despite still being moody on food (I still eat 1-2 times a day sometimes), I am slowly loving it and willing to try out new food establishments together with my boyfriend.

I am also willing to try various food establishments by myself, especially when invited. Just like last October 16, when Zomato invited me to the grand opening of The Urban Cafe last October 17 at 3pm in Wilcon City Center, Visayas Ave. Since the place is near where I live and I am open to trying out new food, I attended it.

The Urban Cafe is located within a hardware center and is the perfect place to discuss all your home and office plans with your contractors, architechts, or engineers. It is also a relaxing place to hang out with friends without going too far.

Serenic and Peaceful Atmosphere

According to owner Careen Belo, people in the area are looking for a wine and deli place to sit and drink with family and friends after a busy day. The Urban Cafe was born, which serves out-of-the-ordinary food. Thanks to its clean and serenic atmosphere, you will immediately feel l separated from the outside world and just indulge yourself in the high-end, cafe-like atmosphere that houses a mix of wine, deli, and other mixed food.

Locally-made Furniture

One thing The Urban Cafe boasts of is their furniture, in which they also sell. Most of their furniture, which are made of mahogany, are locally-made in Pampanga.

The designers of the The Urban Cafe interior. 

The Food

While The Urban Cafe boasts of wine + deli + desserts in their logo, there is more to that and this is where the new food experience comes in.

The food presented to us looked so delicious that we immediately tasted them, not realizing that most of them had an unusual main ingredient. I was very surprised (and a little shocked) to find out  that the main product of most of their food was crocodile meat!

To ease you, the crocodile meat is legit. The owner have their own crocodile farm with wildlife permit and has decided to introduce crocodile meat into the market through The Urban Cafe. Plus, crocodile meat has many health benefits like its white meat having low cholesterol and being good for the heart. They also plan to export their crocodile products in other countries such as Russia and China. I was shocked at first but when I tasted the food, it was delicious and I suggest you try them.

Without further ado, here are some of the food worth trying in The Urban Cafe:

Non-Crocodile Food

Of course, I’ll start with my order:

Pasta Bolognese: Lean ground beef with Italian tomato sauce served with 2 slices of bread - P130.00
Iced Latte - P95.00

Pasta Bolognese - P130.00

Iced Latte - P95.00

I love the Pasta Bolognese! This is especially true when you eat the noodles together with the lean ground beef---superb! I want to eat this again on my next visit and try other pastas as well. The Iced Latte is okay, but combining it with the bolognese was not a good idea. I would prefer to drink it alone.

Pasta Carbonara - P140.00

Fellow blogger, Shiela of SHiE Captures ordered the Pasta Carbonara. It has a creamy chicken sauce with smoked bacon and mushrooms that is served with 2 slices of bread

Pasta Arrabbita - P160.00
Another fellow blogger, Sir Mike of Pinoy Panda ordered the Pasta Arrabbiata. Served with extra super jumbo sausage and 2 slices of bread.

Non-Crocodile Food

Crispy Pan Roaster - P210.00

Crispy fried crocodile meat. This is their healthy version of the classic lechon Kawali, crucnhy without excess fat. Served with steamed rice. This is actually one of my favorites :D

Croc Cigar - P140.00
For our appetizer, the Croc Cigar was served and is priced at P140 with 2 pcs. Pesto,  2 psc. Jalapeno. It is crocodile meat with basil, cheese, and olive oil.

Croc Sisig - P195.00
Priced at P195, the Croc Sisig is a classic Filipino dish made healthier with the use of crocodile meat and chef’s house recipe served with egg and steamed rice or sizzling plate. It has Omega 369, which is good for the heart.

Croc Tapa - P195.00
The Croc Tapa is at P195 and has tender crocodile strips marinated in their own tapa garlic sauce mix and served with egg and steamed rice.

Croc Tocino - P195.00
Croc Tocino at P195. Caramelized brown sugar Tocino recipe used on crocodile meat served with egg and steamed rice. Together with the tapa, I consider this as one of their best.

Croc Crossbone - P195.00
The Urban Cafe is the first store to sell the crossbone steak at is priced at P195. It is a marinated croc meat cooked The Urban Cafe style.

Croc Burger with Cheese - P170.00
Super delicious and I’ll be ordering this again in my next visit. The Croc Burger with Cheese is priced at P170 and is served with fries.

Croc Hungarian Sausage - P130.00
Despite being spicy, the Croc Hungarian Sausage is delicious and tasty. Priced at P130, this is their healthier version of your favority sausage because it is made with crocodile meat and is served with fries.

Final Say

All in all, one day is not enough to enjoy all their food and I plan to go back to try  other dishes. The Urban Cafe is a new and great food experience for me and I want everyone to try it out for themselves. Don’t be turned off by the crocodile meat because you will find it delicious. After all, it is good to try something new when it comes to food, right? :D

Grabbed from The Urban Cafe FB

Owner Ms. Careen Belo explains the
concept of The Urban Cafe

Bloggers with Ms. Careen and Ms. Elaine

The Urban Cafe

Address: Wilcon City Center, 121 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0943 416 8973
Visit them now:
Monday to Thursday & Sunday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday to Saturday 10:00 am to 1:00 am


Thank you to Ms. Elaine Taningco, Community Manager of Zomato, for inviting me to the The Urban Cafe grand opening. Grabbed this Zomato selfie from her Instagram account:


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