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It’s always a pleasure whenever someone contacts me to participate in their contests because there are more deserving people. In this case, Valerie from Paul Frederick emailed me asking if I can join their contest entitled “New York Comic-Con: Cosplay Style Challenge”. I’m always up for a challenge, so I said yes. 

The challenge is a way to celebrate New York Comic-Con and its amazing cosplayers. The rule is simple: create as many cosplay outfits as you can based on the  collections of Paul Frederick. Just design a styleboard or collage that will showcase your fashion sense and show how their collection can create a great cosplay. For those who don’t know,  Paul Frederick is a “contract shirt manufacturer that supplied dress shirts to upscale specialty stores for over fifty years. It was then that we learned the craft of making the finest cotton dress shirts. Today we offer an entire collection of polished head-to-toe choices for men."

After days of planning and thinking, I decided to create collages of my four favorite fictional characters and did my best to get outfits that would match their costumes. So I won’t linger any further. Here are my entries for the “New York Comic-Con: Cosplay Style Challenge”:

1. Richard Castle from “Castle”

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Richard Castle have different outfits throughout the seven seasons of “Castle”. But their common denominator is they have the rugged yet business look that makes him handsome and stylish. As a best-selling author of detective novels, he has to dress well without looking too formal for his book tours and autograph signings. As you see, I chose a dress shirt, blue blazer, and black pants that has a demin look, which I think suits Castle very well.

2. Castiel from “Supernatural”

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Castiel is known more for this long, brown trench coat, so that should never disappear. I completed his look by getting the following from Paul Frederick’s collections: black suit and pants, white collared dress shirt, and a dark blue tie. This is one of the simple cosplays around, but if done well, people will surely love it.

3. Kiritsugu Emiya from “Fate/Zero”

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Kiritsugu Emiya is known for his dark/grey ensemble that almost represents his personality and the situation he’s in. I picked black vest, pants, tie, and a grey dress shirt from Paul Frederick’s collection. Add a normal long, black coat and the cosplay is complete.

4. Tieria Erde from “Gundam 00”

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Tieria is more casual compared to the first three characters above and has a more lighter outfit. No ties for this guy here so I dressed him up with a simple yellow dress shirt, solid grey pants, and brown loafers/shoes. I can’t find a pink cardigan, so I opted for a pink sweatshirt which is similar to his original oufit. I just added the shoulder-length purple wig and frameless, oblong glasses and the Tieria Erde cosplay is complete.

I encourage my readers to take this cosplay challenge using Paul Frederick's collection. If you don't know where to start though, I highly suggest to start browsing in their dress shirts collection. When I was doing my collage, I started look there because most of my four favorite characters were wearing dress shirts/polos. I am sure you will find what you are looking for when you start doing this challenge. Have fun! :)

So, those are my entries and I hope you will be able to get ideas from them so you can bring these characters to life. It just shows that you can create great and wonderful cosplays with high-quality yet affordable outfits from Paul Frederick. Don’t forget to check out their site. :)


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