Birthday Post: Looking Back at 30 Years of My Life

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If I go back in time and ask my younger self on what my life would be when I turned 30, I feel she’d laugh awkwardly and brush off the topic. Why? Because I dreaded the age of 30 when I was young. No kidding! I didn’t want to experience the age of 30, though I know I will get there. I just dreaded it because I was scared that I won’t accomplish anything by then. I heard some stories of people reaching 30 and regretted a lot of things in life. I didn’t want to experience that.

Back then, I thought of the age where you are old and you won’t be able to experience things meant for the young. I was scared to grow old and leave behind things that were carefree and would make me feel young. I was scared to grow up, forget everything, and stop having fun.

I know, I know, such crazy thoughts. But I guess that can’t be helped when you are still young and trying to discover things in life. You become scared that you didn’t achieve anything and might regret things. But now that I look at it, thinking that way is normal and I think everyone goes through that. And now that I have reached the Big 3-0, I guess it’s not so bad after all.

So, I want to look back to what I have experienced in some aspects of my life. It’s something I wanted to do for a long time and know what I lack and what I have to be thankful for.


My new workstation. From my Instagram

If you read my post here, you know that I have a new job and so far, I like it. After thinking deeply and weighing the pros and cons, I decided early this year to work in an office instead of working at home. It was a big leap because I left my comfort zone, but I was excited for it---and I couldn’t be any happier. My writing skills are being challenged, I’m encountering some obstacles, I have benefits, and (most of all), I’m meeting new people. It’s too early to tell, but I hope I stay in my new work longer because things are challenging. And I like to be challenged. :)


OH WOW, I believe this is my biggest weakness. I mentioned this before here---and it’s still my biggest weakness. At 30 years old, you’d think I’m already very knowledgeable in budgeting and financing, but you’re dead wrong. And since I have a new work, I’m adjusting again with budgeting. Unlike before, I have to pay taxes and other government payments now. But I’m getting a hang of it---slowly. Hopefully, I would improve on this aspect by the end of the year.


I’d be lying if I say that everything is perfect with my family. I’m pretty sure everyone goes through rough times with their families. We are not perfect but I try to keep everything happy and good with us and just be there for them. It’s not easy, but I still love my family and hope that everything will be okay.


If there is one thing I am proud of in the past 30 years, it’s that I have met great and trusting friends. At the same time, I experienced friendship fallouts that made me realize who my true friends are. One thing is for sure: I love my true friends and would cherish them forever. I am also happy to meet new people whether they’re from work or in the cosplay community. Aside from my family, my friends are the most cherished people in my life.

Writing and Blogging


I’m combining these two because, lol, these two covers almost 1/3 of my life. If I’m not cosplaying, I’m writing for a living. If I’m not writing, I’m blogging (okay, so maybe more than 1/3 hahaha). I believe I have improved ever since I discovered I wanted to write for a living and make it a hobby at the same time. And I am still continuing to improve because, as I said awhile ago, my writing is being challenged at work. I am beginning to find out my strengths and weaknesses, and learning how to make my writing more convincing. I use what I learn in blogging  and make sure to edit thoroughly to make it better. I have come a long way in writing and blogging, but I still have a lot to learn.

And of course, this blog has come a long way too. I consider this my baby and it will grow as long as I take care of it very well. I am making ways to improve it so it serves its purpose of being informative to people regarding my hobbies and other related stuff. 


Another highlight of my life in the past 30 years. Well, technically, I started cosplaying in 2011 but I have wanted to do it for a long time. In those 3 years, I learned a lot and used them to improve my cosplays. I’m no expert yet, that’s for sure. There are others who are much better than me and they serve as my inspirations in becoming a better cosplayer. But I think I have improved in many aspects of cosplay and those are the things I want to share in this blog. Will be doing that soon and I am very excited for it.

Cosplay has challenged me in many ways I could imagine--- and helped me grow as well. And they say cosplay is for kids---I am laughing right now. It pushed me to my limits most of the time (just like what happened with my recent cosplay), but it made me discover some things I didn’t know I had. I love bringing my favorite characters to life and pay tribute to them. So I am willing to learn and be challenged if it means showing to everyone how much I love my favorite characters. Cosplay is a way for me to de-stress because I am doing what I love and, at the same time, being surrounded by great people. And one thing about cosplay that I love: despite my age, I still feel young and happy. :D


Last, but definitely not the least, is my relationship with my better half and best friend, Marc. We have been through ups and downs, but we are still going strong. Marc is my best friend, partner-in-crime, better half, cosplay partner, and the apple of my eye. He is also the one who brings out the best in me and encourages me to do what I love. I could never find anyone who is very patient, caring, loving, and kind to me. We have been together for so many years, and I want to spend the rest of my years with him. Our relationship has grown and matured and we will continue to grow in the next years as we face new ups and downs in life. We will stick to each other and bring out the best in each other, whatever the situation. :)


Whew, that was a lot, but listing them down made me feel better about everything. I am sure I’ll be looking back at this post many times to see what I have achieved at this age. Now I can say, I have achieved a lot. It may not be as big as the others, but I am proud of what and where I am now and will just continue to improve to be better and stronger. :)

Thank you, Lord, for letting me reach this wonderful age and I hope You can guide me in my journey that I know will be wonderful and interesting. I made wrong decisions before, but I learned from them and hope to stand up and be better. I may not show You, but I want to thank You for being always there for me :)


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