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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Everything posted here is my own opinion and I was not paid to post this.

Oh dear, it has been a month since I wrote here and I am so, so, so sorry for that. I have been caught up with work and personal stuff that I did not have time to write for my blog. For now, I am free and will use this time to write here. I am still adjusting to a new schedule due to work and other freelance stuff, so hopefully by this weekend, I have created my own schedule, hehehe :)

Anyway, for my post today, I want to review a product that I don’t usually use but tried it because I am thinking of using a mouthwash more often. I got this Colgate Plax Fruit Fresh in the MRT where Colgate ladies were giving it for free. I decided to try it because I am looking for a great mouthwash. I guess this is my first trial in the quest for looking the perfect mouthwash hehehe :)

Ingredients and Features

Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh is a mouthwash that contains “natural fruit extract with aromatic taste of fruit and mint, has a fresh and pleasant feeling in the mouth without the burning sensation”.

Here are also their features:

Kills up to 99.9% of Bacteria 
Helps prevent cavities 
No burning sensation 
Provides up to 64% healthier gums
Gives long lasting fresh breath
Offers 12-hour protection against plaque and bacteria 

 Ingredients of this mouthwash are found below:

My Review/Opinion

To be honest, this mouthwash is okay but I don’t think I will consider using this all throughout. I was lucky to get it for free, so this really good for a trial.

Anyway, I followed the instructions found at the back of the bottle and tried this for at least 5 days. And here are my likes and dislikes about it:


It really does not have a burning sensation---something I never liked in mouthwashes because I can’t take it.
I love the smell when I opened the bottle and makes me want to gargle immediately.
You feel the mint after gargling and, for me, this is what makes me feel that my mouth is clean. 
Love the 12-hour protection against plaque and bacteria and the minty taste helped in making my teeth feel clean.
I love the clear bottle so you can see what the inside looks like. 
Everything was listed at the back of the bottle. 


I know some people might not agree with me, but I don’t like the after taste it leaves---the fruity taste that is. It has a taste of watermelon and lemon combined and I didn’t like it. I also felt it for a long time and sometimes I have to gurgle with water just to lessen the after taste. Also, the mint and fruity combination is not good, in my opinion. 
While it said it gives a long lasting fresh breath, it didn’t last long---give or take just  a few hours. And then I have to gargle again. 
The small bottle won’t last a week if you follow the instructions and gargle two times a day.


All in all, nah, this mouthwash is not for me and I am still looking for the one that is good for me. I already used up the whole bottle throughout the trial since it’s just 60ml. Maybe this will be good for those who are looking for a different mouthwash that is not the same as those normally sold.

Price: P15.00 for 60ml *based on RRSP*

How did I acquire it: I just got it for free because they were giving this mouthwash away in MRT stations (got mine in Cubao station). But you can buy them in leading supermarlets nationwide.
Rating: 3/5


Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh


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  1. My daughter just brought me some of this back from Thailand, looking forward to a new taste! It's not available here (UK).

    Have you tried this flavour Gentle Care Extra Mild? Not sure if you can get it where you are. I use it all the time, I don't like the strong ones or mint.


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