November Collective Hauls

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Time flies so fast and we are on the month of Christmas already: December.  It’s actually one of my favorite months of the year (of course my birthday month, September, will always be the top) because I buy great Christmas gifts for family and friends, have get-togethers with relatives and close friends, and buy a few some things for myself.

And speaking of buying things for myself, I want to share my collective hauls that I bought for the month of November before posting new blog entries I am excited to share. Usually, I just buy products I want. But for the month of November, it was about health and beauty care, figures, and cosplay. 

Health and Beauty Care

I don’t why but I think my stars are not aligned because I have been getting health-related and beauty-related problems since the start of November.  So I have to buy products to make sure these problems are solved. 

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Line: My face is very sensitive and with the change of weather, it became flaky and dry. Since Celeteque did well with me before, I bought this Hydration Line at Watson’s. So far it is doing good on me, but I still have to wait for a month.

The card and pouch above is what I got after purchasing the Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Line. A sticker will be placed on each circle every time you purchase Celeteque products worth P200 and above until I get the free product at the end. Since I’m a Celeteque user, I’m sure I’ll be filling up the card before Jan. 30, 2014. XD The pouch, on the other hand, is free because of my purchase too. J

My hair became oily the past month and bought the L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair Shampoo. Now the oiliness is gone. :D Head and Shoulders is for boyfie.

I really got sickly by the middle of November, where I got the following: colds, running nose, itchy eyes and my skin asthma returned. Which explains the products above. I really hate getting sick L

Figurines and Cosplay

Of course, November wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have figurine and cosplay hauls---especially when I expected to really get some. 

For figurines, my bf and I got these three girls:

Trading Arts Kai mini NO. 11 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tifa Lockhart - Mine XD (top row)
SEGA Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Q Souryuu Asuka Langley - bought by BF (left, second row)
RAHDXG.A.NEO (MegaHouse) Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Haro & Lacus Clyne – My birthday gift for boyfie (right, second row)

Yes they’re all girls, but 2 out of 3 are for my bf. Tifa is mine because I love the Advent Children version than her game version---while my bf loves the game version more. At least I will have Tifa for myself XD

For cosplay, these wigs finally arrived after waiting for one month:

I’d like to note that only 3 out of the 7 wigs are mine, the rest are for my friends. We are going to have a major group cosplay next year and some of us decided to have a group buy. We ordered the wigs from this shop called Cosmic Bytes Cosplay Shop at the same time---instead of buying them individually.

Well it paid off as not only did we get a discount, I also received these two complimentary shirts from the owner! :D Jiraiya is for boyfie, while Toushiro is mine :D

Well, those are my collective hauls for November. Can’t wait for what I will buy this December.

Have a nice Christmas month! 


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