Short Post: Day 2 of Christmas ToyCon (December 14, Saturday)

2:56 AM

Before anything else, just want to note that I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures in the Christmas ToyCon because my bf and I were busy looking at the merchandise and buying them. I just took some photos of the displays that I saw hehehe. So this will just be a short post and my opinion on this event.

Anyway, we arrived late in the event---around past 4pm and immediately went around to look and buy various merchandises.  By the way, the Christmas ToyCon was held in Megatrade Hall 1 in SM Megamall and the entrance fee is P50---and I think it was good enough.

The hall is not that big, but not that small either. In my opinion, Megrtrade Hall 1 is the biggest hall among the three so I think it is a good venue. When we entered, there was a mini stage at the left side and the rest of the hall was filled with stores that sold various toys, collectibles, anime merchandises, superhero stuff, and more. There was also a mini display area where figures and toys from Kotobukiya, Revoltech and other manufacturers were displayed. 

Kotobukiya Star Wars Expanded Universe ARTFX Bishoujo Jaina Solo
Star Wars Lightsaber Chopticks

Jaina Solo Rebel Pilot Helmet - Close up
Just look at the detailing! :3
Revoltech Evangelion Robots
Revoltech Eva-001 Robot
All four Revoltech Evangelion Robots
Kotobukiya Dark Magician Version 2 ARTFX J Statue
Kotobukiya Rogue

Basically, we spent the whole time we were there going around looking for things we want to buy.  We also met some friends and had small chats with few people. 

Then around 7pm, an auction of toys happened in the mini stage and my bf went there to see the items for auction. 

on-going auction by the mini stage
The toys started as low as P1.00 as few con-goers took bids---some bids even went as high as P1500. It all depends on the type of toys being auctioned. My bf got a Marvel The Avengers Mini Muggs Nick Fury Figure for only P180.00---great deal in my opinion. There were only a few bidders because others were probably busy with their shopping. 

Afterwards, we went around again and did last minute shopping before leaving the venue at past 8:30pm to eat dinner with our few cosplay friends.

We weren’t able to go on Day 1 and Day 3, but Day 2 was fine/okay with us.  There were a lot of people, but not so many (I think the last day will always be the day with many, many people in a convention).  You can still walk around and there were some areas in the venue with lots of space to walk or just stay to chat with other people you know. The Christmas ToyCon was indeed a great event to have your last-minute Christmas shopping---especially for kids and kids at heart. Or if you just want to buy some gifts for yourself this Christmas. Just like what we did, where we had great hauls from Day 2 and my bf and I are very happy.

Christmas ToyCon Hauls of me and my bf

~ Hainrihi 


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