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One of the main goals of this blog is discovering new things, especially when it comes to skin care.  Due to cosplay, one of the body parts I have to take care is my face because it is always exposed to make-up and other harmful elements and I am prone to skin breakouts---which is not good when I have to cosplay in a convention or photoshoot. 

That is why when I was given the chance/opening to have a facial treatment, I knew I had to take it---and it was by winning Genzel Kisses’ Asian Secrets Whitening Spa’s Giveaway. Just like any online contests, I just join for the fun of it because I love reading blogs. So I am always happy at the rare times I win and this is one of them. I knew that once I won, I had to really have a facial treatment because my face needs a lot of pampering.

See, I was afraid of trying out facials because of the horror stories I heard in the internet. But after I tried Asian Secrets Whitening Spa’s facial service, I plan to get a monthly facial. 

If you’re looking for a place to pamper your face or whole body right after all the Christmas rush,  shopping and parties you have gone through, I recommend Asian Secrets Whitening Spa

Lulur Brightening Facials: Relaxing and Brightening Facial

Asian Secrets Whitening Spa just recently opened in SM City North Edsa – The Block last July 11, 2013 and specializes in whitening body scrub services using their own body scrub products . But this time though, they introduced their newest service called the Lulur Brightening Facials.  This is what I won from Genzel Kisses.

Pictures c/o Genzel

Under the Lulur Brightening Facials Service are facial treatments with various procedures, effects and results.  In my win, I was able to try the Relaxing and Brightening Facial.  See the pictures below on what the treatment is about and the list of their facial services.

I went there last December 5, 2013 with a 4:00pm appointment, thanks again to Genzel.  The moment I entered, I heard the soothing and slow music that usually helps make customers relax.  Well, I get relaxed at spa music easily so I knew I was in a good place. After presenting my voucher, they had to verify my appointment and win (I think the staff talked to her boss). So I took pictures of the cozy reception area: 

Their sofa have soft pillows and magazines to read

Then I was given a form to fill up my personal and health details: 

Afterwards, I was led by my attendant (sorry forgot her name) to one of the treament rooms. Once there, I was asked to put my things inside a box and left me so I can wrap my upper torso with a towel. Here are some pics of the treatment room before the procedure started.  

This is where you place your things
Steam comes out of this machine and goes towards your face. 

Of course, when the procedure for the Relaxing and Brightening Facial started, I didn’t take pictures anymore as I was already relaxed and very comfortable. I dozed on and off for 60 minutes, so I can’t remember the exact steps. I’ll just get the steps from Genzel’s post:

1. Removing makeups using their makeup remover wipes.
2. Scrubbing using their new Asian Secrets Lulur Facial Scrub. It was really gentle and I enjoyed it a lot. I feel like my skin is being pampered like a queen.
3. Rinsing using wet wipes.
4. Tone
5. Mask
6. Rinse
7. Facial Massage. Ohhh that was very relaxing! I felt all my stress was bidding goodbye. This was exactly what I need. They will also massage your upper body (shoulders, back, chest)
8. Moisturize

I was just surprised when the attendant told me it was done and I can use the remaining time to rest, change and drink tea (which she served later on). Afterwards, I chatted with her and asked the products used in my facial. I then bought the Asian Secrets Lulur Facial Scrub and the Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub with Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E.

P70.00 in the spa 

I forgot the price, but it is around P100+

What Can I Say?

Well, it was a great experience and I never knew having a facial would make me feel relaxed, pampered and soothed. Well, my face that is. Finally, it was able to get the pampering and relaxing it deserves and my fear for facials suddenly disappeared. 

Some parts of the procedure that I loved are the facial scrubbing, facial mask, the steam coming out from the machine towards my face and the massage. I really felt like a princess back then because it has been a very long time since I pampered myself seriously (yes seriously XD). I really felt my face was being cleaned and soothed well.  My face deserves it anyway as it needs a break from all the makeup and other harmful elements. 

Another thing I loved from the whole experience is drinking their tea. It truly completed my face pampering experience as the tea was truly delicious. I can’t fully express in words how tasteful and delicious it is. I plan to buy that on my next visit so it can help me relax while working.


I went back to my usual skin/face care routine after 24 hours.  After a week from the facial, I saw some improvements in my skin. My breakouts slowly cleared a bit and I was left with almost smooth skin. And of course, my face felt rejuvenated and bright. After my facial experience in Asian Secrets Whitening Spa, I’ll make sure to have a facial at least once every month.


* It is much better to go there without make up so you will see the difference before and after.

* Don’t go out under the sun afterwards or be exposed to pollution and dust as the pores are often more open after a facial. 

* It is better to make an appointment than walking-in so they can accommodate you easily.


Facial Treatment: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Ambiance: 10/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

And since Asian Secrets Whitening Spa is near my place, I can go here anytime if I want to pamper any part of my body.

Where to reach them?

Asian Secrets Whitening Spa
5/F The Block
SM City North Edsa
For reservations, contact: 0927-3296736


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