Recent Anime Watching Due to Anime Hiatus

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I have many first loves in life and one of them is anime. I love animes since I was little, though I can’t remember what was the first anime I watched (I think Princess Sarah but I’m not even sure).  But what really got me addicted to it was when I watched Sailor Moon in ABC-5 (now TV-5) on one Saturday. Again, I don’t know how Sailor Moon was introduced to me, but I knew the moment I watched one episode, I would watch the next episodes. Of course, downloading wasn’t available at that time, so I look forward to every Saturday then. It was in this anime that I started having favorite characters, collected Sailor Moon merchandises, read trivia about the show and the characters and even look for fanarts.

Soon though, I wasn’t able to watch the next seasons of Sailor Moon because either ABC-5 didn’t show all of them or I can became busy with school. But after that, my addiction and love for animes started and I was watching new animes, thanks to GMA-7, who then showed various animes every day, every night (when telenovelas weren’t the in-thing yet). There was one anime per night and would be followed by other new animes such as Ghostfighter (Yu Yu Hakusho in Japansese), Daimos, Voltes V, Fushigi Yuugi, Pokemon and more. I was already in high school at that time but I made it a point to be home by six ‘o clock in the evening almost everyday to start my anime-watching routine. And this continued until end of high school.

Fushigi Yuugi / Mysterious Play

Yu Yu Hakusho aka Ghostfighter

Voltes V
By the time I was college, watching animes was just in passing as I concentrated in college already. And because of some unforseen circumstances, I sort of stopped watching anime---though my love for it never disappeared. Watching animes only came back when I tranferred to another college and met my boyfriend---who was also an anime fan. We watched some few animes every now and then, but not as religiously as I did before because I still concentrated more on college. The more I was not able to watch anime when I entered my media job as it took a lot more of my time the usual. In the end, I missed a lot of great animes. 

My bf and I only started watching animes a bit religiously  around later 2010 to early 2011 when both our jobs gave us more free time. Bit by bit, we were getting some old animes online and was catching up a bit in the new ones (but yeah, we were more on the old ones)---and I think one of the animes we started was Bleach. J That’s also the anime that got us into cosplay XD.  Since then, we’ve been downloading old animes so we can catch up until we are also now watching recent animes.

So now, we are both watching various animes that we downloaded. We watch them separately though because my bf prefers to watch animes in English dub while I prefer watching the Japanese dub with subtitles because I get to feel the series more---plus I get to hear my favorite seiyuus (voice actors).

And to keep track of the animes I need to watch and those I have finished, I created a separate page here. As of now, I just finished Carnival Phantasm and Einzbern Consultation Room. I am currently watching Daily Lives of High School Boys. Also, when I feel it, I will be making some anime reviews in the future for anime lovers out there looking for good animes to watch.

I love that I am finally catching up on some old animes and being updated on some recent ones too. I kinda missed this, so I’m glad I have time now to watch these great animes. J


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