I’m Back! :D

5:52 AM

After 6 months of hiatus from blogging (man, that was long), I am finally back and ready to relaunch my new blog!

My blog's new look :)

As you noticed, I changed the look of my blog, but not only that. See, in those 6 months, I “studied” a bit on blogging and how I can make Hainrihi’s Discoveries better and more informative instead of just being more personal and looking like a diary. I realized it needs to have a niche to not leave my readers and myself confused. Having a niche will also help me write blog posts and articles better and know what to write exactly.  After a long time thinking and fixing, I decided to write about the things I love most: cosplay, anime/manga, figure collecting, beauty/makeup and shopping.

Of course, the theme of Hainrihi’s Discoveries is still discovery and I believe I will still discover things through the categories mentioned above. For instance, in my two years of cosplaying, I discovered and learned things I have never learned before and I want to blog about those. All mentioned are inter-connected with each other so, for sure, I won’t sidetrack from what I should really concentrate on.  Maybe my other readers will disappear once they find out what my niche is because it is not much of their interest, but I don’t mind. As long as I write informative posts on what I really love, I’m good. With that, I am excited to write more posts and articles on them and I already have a list of the entries I want to blog.

Figure Collecting
Online Shopping/Shopping

But aside from Hainrihi’s Discoveries, I realized I also have another love and that is writing my thoughts and opinions on anything that comes to mind. In other words, more on the serious and in-depth writing where I can truly practice my writing skills.  At the same time, it will help me write my opinion on issues and events. So, I created a separate blog for that entitled Hainrihi’s Thoughts (I could never leave out the “Hainrihi”, I’m sorry XD)

I placed more about it and and will write an introduction in the main blog itself, but be sure to check it out. It will be introduced later this week, so watch out for it.  I will place some articles I have written before in print publications and will improve them to make it look and sound better.

Also, I changed my comment software to Intense Debate. Disqus suddenly didn’t work in this layout despite trying to get it back, and so all the comments before have disappeared L. I think I still have a record of those in my Disqus account.  After much research and great reviews, I went with Intense Debate. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience and the sudden change.

Intense Debate

With that, I introduce my new blog! Hope you like it and happy reading! J


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