Irisviel von Einzbern Cosplay Haul + Minor Reviews

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The one thing I love when preparing for my cosplays is buying the things needed to make them accurate and perfect. For my first cosplay of 2013, I am cosplaying the default outfit of Irisviel von Einzbern from Fate/Zero. When I was planning on what I need, I knew I had to buy some stuff in order for my cosplay of her to be accurate.  After all, she is one of my main favorite characters in the series. J

Buying things in preparation for my Irisviel cosplay varies, from make-up to shoes to wigs to props to hair styling products to the costume itself. As such I discover various stuff taht I haven’t discovered before, which is why I love shopping for my cosplays.

For Irisviel, I list down things needed by part of the body---from head to foot---so I know specifically what I need.  And so far, it helps me buy them easily than just jotting them all down at once without categorizing them.  Anyway, here are the hauls for my Irisviel cosplay. 


For the head, here are the hauls that I bought: 

My actual Irisviel wig

Picture of wig from Oujihime ig store

I bought this long Lucaille wig from Oujihimeshoppe that costs P1700 ($42.00) and according to the official site, it is called “Fate/Zero Irisviel von Einzbern Silvery Pearl 1m Straight Cosplay Party Wig” that measures at around 120-150 cm---so yeah, it is VERY LONG. I think the picture above says it all as it took up almost more than half of the bed O_O. Anyway, I had a hard time styling and cutting this wig to Irisviel’s hair because of its length and it tangles easily.  I think this is one of Lucaille’s factory-defected products because it has dry (like it was singed) fibers above.  I was a bit disappointed by it since I wanted Irisviel’s hair to be perfect, but I think I can still fix it with some styling, cutting at the ends and rollers to add more volume. 

In order for me to style my wig well, I bought White Rain’s Maximum Hold Hairspray (around P129.00) because I ran out of hairspray.  As for making my wig have more volume and my bangs to be less flat, I bought Nouveau Foam Rollers (around P70+) that have clips for the rollers to stay still on its designated areas. So far, both helped in making my wig a bit better. Both bought in SM Department Store.


For the eyes, I bought red contact lenses from Nhie Lenses, Lens Care Multi Purpose Solution and Lens Lubricant---both from Mercury. I also bought new sunglasses from SM Department Store just for the heck of having new sunglasses. XD

Unfortunately though, despite getting a “how to wear contact lenses” tutorial from a close cosplay friend, I wasn’t able to wear the red contact lenses because of my right eye. While the lenses were good in terms of color and size, it didn’t fit my eyes well.  L

Me wearing the red lenses on a
"how to wear contact lenses" turorial

I already had my eyes checked and found out my right eyeball is bigger than my left and if I plan to wear contacts, I need to get prescription lenses from the optical shop.  But because laziness and procrastination got the better of me, I didn’t bother to ask optical shops early on and just decided to buy online since I plan to wear the lenses just once on the photoshoot.

But that was a mistake because while the lens worked on my left eye, it never worked on my right eye. No matter how many times I put lens lubricant, my right eye just stings, becomes swollen and was very red.  Then I made the mistake of taking a picture with the flash on the night before the shoot and I couldn’t open my eyes afterwards. Even when I took off the lenses, my right eye was still stinging and had a hard time opening it. When I tried it on the day of the shoot, I cried and couldn’t open my eyes.  In the end, I wasn’t able to use the red lenses even if I wanted to.  I didn’t want to risk my eyes.  I learned it the hard way, but that’s when I realized I really have to get prescription contact lenses from optical shops.  Good thing we have a part 2 of the Fate/Zero photoshoot, so I have to ask early on---and hopefully I can wear them next time.   


One of my favorites in buying cosplay things is shopping for make-up. Ever since I went into cosplay, I keep discovering various make-ups that help in making my cosplay better and accurate. So, it can’t be helped that I bought various beauty and make-up loots seen in the picture above. 

I bought the “Straight Scissors” from Watson for P59.00 to trim my eyebrows since they are becoming thick and Irisviel’s eyebrows are thin.  If you are wondering why I need this scissors to trim my eyebrows, check out this blog post from Jaroukasama aka Yuu Tachibana---one of my cosplay idols. Anyway, I did that technique using this scissors and will just do a separate post on that soon.

The In2it Waterproof Gel Liner is from SM Department Store and is priced at Php379.75 at 1.2g.  This wasn’t actually what I had in mind to buy because I plan to get ELF’s gel liner in a bottle.  Unfortunately they didn’t have black and as I roamed around, I saw this in the In2it booth.  While the price is a bit out of my budget then, I bought it anyway because the saleslady showed me how it won’t smudge easily.  I’ll be doing a separate review on this, but let’s just say I got my money’s worth.

The lip liner and lipstick were necessary because I just threw most of my lipstick and lip gloss away due to expiration (I was still oblivious at make-up expirations and it cost me a lot of make up to be thrown away L). It was also good because I needed nude lipstick for Irisviel’s lips so I bought lip liner and lipstick from one of my favorite make-up brands, Nichido.  Again, will do a separate post on those since I love to review lipsticks.

The last item here is a simple eyelash curler from Watson’s too, priced at only P39.00.  I didn’t realize that my old curler is not working anymore (the rubber is all gone) and I have been using it the past year. Hahaha, no wonder my lashes are not getting curly at all. Silly me. 

Body to Feet

Irisviel's costume from body to fee
Of course, my Irisviel von Einzbern cosplay will not be complete without the outfit.  While the others are necessary, I wouldn’t be able to cosplay Irisviel without her whole costume.

I had the whole default costume (top, skirt, and white boot covers) done by the seamstress living near my village.  I just gave her the cloths needed and she will just sew them according to the reference pictures I gave. All in all, I am very satisfied with my costume and would love to wear it again in Part 2.

If you are a cosplayer looking for a seamstress and live in the north of Quezon City, I would recommend Ate Cora to have your costumes made as she is very, very good.  Just let me know if you are interested and I will give you the details. 

Irisviel's brooch from Three Smitten Kittens

Irisviel’s brooch was made by my friend who makes polymer accessories and it is actually one of my favorite parts of my costume.  She really made the brooch exactly from the anime and I was super satisfied with it.  I plan to review her online store in the future, but if you want to check out her products, just visit Three Smitten Kittens

The last item in this haul that I bought (and also one of my favorites) is the white heeled shoes that I covered with my white boot covers to make it look like Irisviel’s thigh high boots. I super love heels and buying these shoes from Payless (P950) really made me happy.  Not only do I have new heeled shoes, but it is also comfortable and very lovely.  Would love to wear it again anytime J

So these are all my hauls for the Irisviel von Einzbern and I super enjoyed buying them. I discovered new stuff and they helped in making my cosplay look wonderful.  As a last word, here is one of my favorite shots of my Irisviel von Einzbern cosplay from our recently finished Fate/Zero shoot (thanks to Jovi Heartilly for this shot).

(c) Jovi Claire Farron / Jovi Heartilly

~ hainrihi

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