Super Late Update 9.26.2012

11:14 AM

This is a super late update when I promised two months ago that I plan to update this blog more often.  I am so sorry for having neglected my blogging duties, but I am (hopefully and will try my best) back and will keep this updated since I have a lot of stuff to blog about (reviews, personal stuff and the like).  I am so disappointed with my 3-month hiatus because there were a lot of good movies, places to review.  Unfortunately, I was piled up with work and other non-work related stuff.  But I promised myself in my recently finished birthday that I have to “fix my life” and put things in order.  So here I am, updating you.

First of, this blog is doing an upgrade.  If you have noticed, the URL has been changed to “”! *happiness* I have wanted to change the “ecyang” blogger name and now it’s done. I also changed the email to, so you can email me there for concerns or anything you have in mind.

Then there is the FB profile badge below my Blogger profile, which I created specifically for this blog.  I also made that so only close friends and few relatives can read my blog as I don’t want other family members and relatives reading some of my stuff here.  While the blog is public and there are other people who will read it, at least I can still keep it away---with the separate FB profile---from some nosy relatives who just blab what they feel without thinking. Oh I think you know what I mean, because I am at loss for words in explaining hahaha XD 

Anyway, some further updates: 

As a cosplayer, this is one of the events that I am looking forward this year because it is literally a cosplay event.  Not games, toys or anime event.  It’s a cosplay event with, obviously, cosplay as the main theme.  There will be lots of activities here such as: Project Cosplay Individual (September 29) and Group (September 30) Competitions, Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix Individual Competition Finals (September 29), Cosplay Snapshots that showcases some of the best cosplay photos, band performances, booths, and exhibits. 

Then, of course, the TORCH Finals will be held on September 30 where 8 teams from previous preliminary legs will compete to become the official Philippine representatives to join the Anime Festival Asia convention’s Regional Cosplay Championship this year in Singapore. Since we went on a long hiatus in attending conventions before, this will be the first time that we will be watching the TORCH Finals…and we are looking forward to it as we weren’t able to watch the previous legs. 

My bf and I will be cosplaying on both days and will do some shopping.  Plus, we are looking forward to seeing our dear cosplay friends again and hang out.
J Overall, can’t wait for this big event! 

Cosplay Mania 2012 Official Poster

  • HAULS! Lots of Hauls 
Yes, I have been buying some things lately in beauty, makeup, clothing, footwear, books and….figurines! Hahaha, I know it’s out of place there but, still, my bf and I are already avid figure collectors and can’t wait for some that will arrive in the next months. 

For make-up, well, my haul sure has grown---and that’s because of cosplay.  If there is something that I learned from cosplay, it’s that make-up will help you a lot.  Never thought I would, but I now always go to the make-up department of malls to check out some stuff and see if I still have some missing from my kit. Remember picture that I posted months ago about my make up kit? Well, here’s the before and after:

BEFORE: February 2012

NOW: September 2012

For books, well, I have a 4-month hiatus in buying books because I bought the Game of Thrones bookset last May and will end this September.  By October, I have more books to buy…and more pending.  But for now, I’m reading “Game of Thrones” book 1.

For shoes and clothes, not much yet but looking forward to that since I am already eyeing on some cool clothes and shoes from malls. And I am going for high-heeled shoes and wedges from now on. :D

  •   Work 
This is one of the reasons why I haven’t updated my blog…because I have been catching up with my outputs.  Now it’s all good and improving and---hopefully---will stay consistent.  I don’t want work to pile up so have to finish them and give an acceptable output everyday.  Oh and yeah, there is the freelance writing too.  And because of that, I have extra moolah for Cosplay Mania! :D 

  • Birthday Blog entry 
Yes I should be writing about this, but it’s not yet done because it is a bit serious and has some reflections in it. So by end of September, hopefully, I will be able to post it.

So far, that is it.  The others are normal and well, so nothing to stress about.  For the next blog entries, I still have to put in order what my next entries would be.  Most likely, it would be related to Cosplay Mania. 

Hopefully, this is a good start for my newly-renovated blog and will keep improving it.  This blog is already 3 years old and it’s time for her to grow up as this is one of my dearest babies that I will really take care.  Hmmm, maybe I will try and learn HTML and codes so I can improve the template---I have yet to research about those (If any of you know about these stuff, let me know---and maybe you can teach me? XD). For now, this will do…and I am proud of how she has grown. J

As a final note, I’m really a BIG fan of the University of the Philippines Pep Squad and I am sooo happy that they won this year’s UAAP Cheerdancing Competition.  And because I am fangirling over their performance last Saturday, I’ll post the video here: 

~ Hainrihi :)

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