Blogging Update 5.31.2012

5:08 AM

As you can see, it’s been a long time since I blogged here.  The past weeks have been hectic and, for some odd reason, I’m having a hard time organizing stuff.  I’m usually an organized person, thus the reason why I have an organizer.  But for the month of May, everything is like a whirlwind and I don’t know how to organize things.

One of them is work.  No, nothing major is happening and I am not stressed with it at all.  I’m just a bit behind with my work and not happy with the output I give everyday.  So far I’m able to do enough, but still needs improvement. 

Then there is cosplay.  Marc and I are busy with it because we have a big cosplay plan to debut this coming ToyCon.  Since we started cosplaying last year in the same event, we decided to debut big cosplay plans in every ToyCon---specifically couple cosplays---that will serve as our signature cosplay for the whole year.  Last year, we did Kenpachi and Yachiru from Bleach and cosplayed it a lot of times.  This year, we’re also doing a couple cosplay---but it’s still a secret and you will know on the 11th ToyCon on June 15-17, 2012 at SM Megamall, Megtrade Halls 1-3 and Conference Rooms A-B.  We’re very excited and are hoping it will be successful! J 

We also we have cosplay photoshoots in the coming weeks and we will be busy preparing for those too.  For instance, this Sunday, some of my cosplay friends and I will be doing a Neon Genesis Evangelion shoot and I’m cosplaying Kaworu Nagisa.  Excited for that too because I’ll be portraying a boy again, which is my favorite character from the series. 

And lastly, of course, is writing.  I miss writing already and I haven’t written anything non-work related recently that I think my writing skills are getting rusty.  Hopefully, when everything is organized, I can do this soon.

So far, these are keeping me busy and why I am not blogging recently.  I just want to put an update because I don’t like it when there are no updates in my blog.  Hopefully after the ToyCon hype, everything is organized and I can blog regularly.  And as a promise that I really plan to go back to blogging regularly, here are some posts to look forward to:

·      A review and opinion on History Channel’s “Top Shot” – Aside from “The Amazing Race”, this is the best reality TV show I really love recently
·     Review: Vikings Restaurant and Doki Treats; Pan de Amerikana – The review for these three are longoverdue, but I really want to review them because I am in love with them now.  Better late than never.
·         Outfit Galore: One of my favorite mix-up outfits recently
·         Discovery: Cosplay Make-up
·         Getting my own Mockingjay Pin
·         Book Reviews,  Movie Reviews
·        A Facebook Page for my blog, but not soon.  I still have to analyze and look into some things before making one---plus I have to blog regularly so I can establish Hainrihi’s Discoveries well.

I am sorry for not blogging regularly, but I can really promise you that I will be back in doing that in the next weeks. Thank you for being patient. ^_^

As a treat, here is a random picture that I took from my new phone. J

Can't wait to read this :D
~ Hainrhi :)

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