Bleach: Turn Back The Pendulum Photoshoot (With Pictures)

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Aside from work, my bf and I have been busy with cosplay.  Ever since we started cosplay last year, we met great people that became our friends because of our common interest in anime, manga, games and cosplay.  When we did our Bleach cosplay last year---with me as Toushiro Hitsugaya and Marc as Kenpachi Zaraki---one cosplayer approached and invited us to be part of a Bleach photoshoot. I will not get into detail with that, but in short, we were able to form a big group and did a Bleach photoshoot November last year---with almost all the main characters present.  But that isn’t the last of our get-together because just last Sunday, we did another Bleach photoshoot: the Turn Back The Pendulum Arc.

Bleach: Turn Back the Pendulum Arc

For most of us, the Turn Back The Pendulum was one of the best arcs in the Bleach series because it’s really connected to the whole series and tells about the past of Soul Society, mainly the Vizards.  After having a great time with our last photoshoot, we decided do this arc and set it on April 29, 2012.

While we were very excited for this shoot, we never expected the smoldering heat that came with it.  Philippines is experiencing a very, very hot weather these past months---with most of the time going up to 40 degrees. And that heat was evident on our shoot last Sunday as it left us always dehydrated and had a hard time moving around.  But that didn’t stop us from having a great time with each other and doing the shots we want in order to bring the TBTP arc to life.

I cosplayed one of the Vizards, Mashiro Kuna, former lieutenant of Squad 9.  I have always wanted to cosplay a Vizard because they’re my favorite group in the Bleach series---and also because I want to wear a Hollow mask XD And that came true, thanks to this photoshoot.  Cosplaying Mashiro was fun as she was sort of a fashionista among the Vizards (green hair, sunglasses, pink scarf), which was a bit opposite of me.  So despite the heat and some conflicts, I enjoyed the whole shoot. :)

Mashiro Kuna

So without further ado, I present to you some of the pictures from the shoot, courtesy of my fellow Shinigamis and photographers.  


 Behind the Scenes:


Me as Mashiro Kuna 

(c) Niko Cruz
(c) Lawrence Fesalbon
(c) Gene Akizuki
(c) Gene Akizuki
(c) Niko Cruz

We plan to have part 2 of the TBTP arc because the first one was a bit disorganized and not everyone had solo shots.  And for sure, we're going to set it when the weather is cool and relaxed. 

But the shoot was fun and I had a great time bonding with my cosplayer friends.  Can't wait for the next shoot with them, whatever it may be :)

If you want to see the other pictures, check them out in my deviantart as I post most of my cosplay photos there.

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