Cosplay Costume of the Year 2011 Campaigning

3:11 PM

Hi guys! 

I would like to take this few minutes to help in voting for my cosplay friends in our local cosplay contest called Cosplay Costume of the Year 2011. I am not one of the contestants but I have friends who joined and need your votes. 

So without further ado, here is how you can vote for the entries. 

1. Log in your Facebook. 
2. Like the Cosplay Costume of the Year 2011 page here.
3. Click at the "Photos" tab at the left side of the page.

Here are the entries that I am encouraging you to vote. Just "like" their photo, in which I will provide the links below.  Take note, though, that these are my personal likes, and you are not required to vote for them if you don't like their costume.  You are free to vote other entries that are not found below.

Deadline is until today, March 2.  Winners will be announced tomorrow. 

A. Best Crossplay Costume

B. Best Male Costume 

C. Best Female Costume

D. Best Creature Cosplay Costume

E. Best Child Cosplay

Thanks guys! 

~ hainrihi :) 

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