Updates Through Pictures: January 20, 2012

3:07 AM

My Make-Up Haul

Clockwise (left to right): Drawer 1- Foundations, Finishing Powders and Concealers from Ellana; 2 - Brushes, Curler;
3 - Eyeshadows, Eyeliner, Mascara; 4 - More eyeshadows from Ellena; 5 - Lip Make-up 

2011 was a year of discovering for me and one of the things I discovered is make-up.  I'm a late bloomer when it came to make-up because I never used them much when I was in college and afterwards.  One of the reasons is my skin is sensitive and breaks out whenever I place them on my face.  I can't find the right make-up the past years...until 2011 when I discovered mineral make-up.

From then on, I started buying mineral make-up from Ellana and you can see them on the picture above.  The sifter jars all came from Ellana while the others were given by friends and relatives.  My current addiction now is lip make-up which has a drawer just for that; next are eyeshadows.  So far, mineral make-up is good on my face and will continue to use them for years.  And since I do home-based work, I make sure to use make-up when I go out---especially on weekends. :)

(Note: I forgot to put the blending and foundation brushes from Elf...another one of my favorite make-up stores to date. They're my favorite brushes for now.)


New Haircut

BANGS! Super ♥ it!
Finally got a haircut after not cutting my hair for almost two years! Four to five inches of hair were cut off, but the thing I made sure was to have bangs.  I didn't want the full, blunt ones because I think it won't fit me so I opted for baby bangs (thus the reason for the gaps).  The thing I love about the bangs is I can style it in any way I want such as side swept or parted in the middle.  But for now, I'm going for the style above.  It's been a week and, so far, it's doing great for me. :)

Next in line: Keratin treatment because my hair is very dry. That will come. For now, I'm just using a conditioner (which I haven't done for a long time) and it's doing well for my hair :)  

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