2012 is the Year of Improvements: Part 2

12:24 AM

Here is the part 2 of the things I want to improve on 2012:

6. CLEANING OF MY ROOM: I need to do this immediately because my room is a mess! First in the agenda is removing the carpet because it's becoming a hassle.  My mom and I should've taken it off before I transferred.  From there, I can fix everything in my room: from my books to the plastic boxes to my shelves to moving some other things.  Hopefully by summer, everything is done.

7. WARDROBE/FOOTWEAR/MAKEUP/ACCESSORIES: This is simple enough...I need new wardrobe/shoes/make-up/accessories.  2011 was a year of discoveries in terms of my appearance and now that I know exactly what I need, it's time to improve.

8. INDEPENDENCE: One of my goals until I reach 30 is to improve my independence.  This means doing things on my own like learning to cook, cleaning my room, saving up, etc. without leaning a lot on my parents.  Finding my own place is one of the agendas and my deadline is when I turn 30 years old.  I don't want to reach past 30 and still live with my parents.

9. MONEY: This is just short and sweet: SAVE UP! I plan to buy a digicam and an external drive---plus travel. SO I must save up more.

10. TRAVEL: One of my biggest goals for 2012. I was able to travel abroad once in 2010, but none at all in 2011.  For 2012, I want to travel in and out of the Philippines with my bf and enjoy the wonders of the Philippines and the world.


11. BEING AWARE OF MY SURROUNDINGS: This has been my weakness since---ever! I am not aware of my surroundings, thus getting me into accidents.  For 2012, I plan to improve on this and make sure to be aware more.



These are my list of improvements for 2012 and I plan to go back on these two entries to see what I have accomplished.  Hopefully, I can do them all.  :D

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