2012 is the Year of Improvements: Part 1

11:27 PM

I'm going to keep this straight to the point.  I'm writing this blog entry so I can keep track of the improvements that I need to do in 2012 and make sure to do them so I can say I became productive this year.

Anyway, here are the things I need to improve in 2012:

1. WRITING: While this list is not in order, I want to make this the first one because it's very important to me.  Now that I have a new laptop, I plan to improve my writing skills by---what else---writing more. I have this dream in 2012 where I write articles and get at least one article published in newspapers, magazines or online.  I plan on writing reviews in this blog, especially on books and a challenge is one way to do that (but we'll get into that later).  Plus, EDIT, EDIT and EDIT! I love writing and nothing makes me more satisfied than writing stuff that needed to be let out and will keep me thinking.  Last 2011, I was happy to finally land a job where I write full-time and even though it can be tiring at times, it keeps me fulfilled knowing that I'm doing what I love.  For 2012, it's time to improve on it.

2. READING: While 2011 is the year when I finally read The Hunger Games trilogy, it was a disappointment for me because I didn't read continuously. For months, I haven't read any books though I was buying one per payday.  As a result, more pending books.  Everything will change this year as I plan to join the Gathering Books Awards-Winning Books Reading Challenge January-December 2012, which is owned by my former college teacher and college friend.  In this way, I can expand my reading list to Filipino books and other books that I haven't read---and write reviews on them.  This challenge is hitting two birds with one stone as I improve my writing AND reading skills. I'm pretty much excited for this and listing some books now (both for the challenge and for personal reading).

3. BODY HEALTH: Last 2011, I haven't been taking care of my health.  This is not in a life-threatening way, but more on my skin asthma that has been coming on and off.  Plus I hadn't had my eyes checked as well as on my reproductive system.  And it's been so MANY months since I went to my designated doctors for check up.  By 2012, I plan to watch on my health more, especially on my skin asthma. 

4. COSPLAY/ARTISTIC SIDE: 2011 was the start of being a cosplayer as I cosplayed two of my favorite Bleach characters: Yachiru and Toushiro.

For 2012, it's all about cosplaying a lot of my favorite characters, with my bf as my partner.  Some are just for photoshoots, while others are for conventions.  Here are my plans:

The picture is blurred because I don't want to reveal some of them yet.  But hopefully, my bf and I can do them for the whole 2012. This is also the year I'll test my artistic side as I try to make cosplay props to save up money.  Most of my cosplayer friends know how to make their own props and it's time I learn as well...and I'm pretty much excited for it. 

5. RELATIONSHIPS/INTERACTIONS: Last year was a year where I had the most get-togethers with friends from HS, Kalayaan College, Cosplay and some relatives.  But it wasn't enough for me and hopefully by this year, I can improve my interactions with relatives, family and friends.

2012 is also the time that Marc and I would improve our relationship.  We already made it better last year, and we plan to improve more by, for example, traveling together in different places. 

This entry has been a bit long already and I haven't covered half of it yet.  I'll be posting the part 2 later after 12 midnight and will make sure to make shorter than the first one :)

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