It's Good To Be Back! Update First! :3

8:41 AM

Wow! It's been 3 months since I wrote here and I am so frustrated and disappointed at myself that I was not able to update this blog. Well I have an explanation for that (sort of) and it's mostly psychological.  

Well, for one thing, the past 3 months have been a bit irritating to me because I was supposed to buy a new laptop for my work for my birthday.  But due to lack of funds, it never happened because I was having a hard time saving.  Somehow, I was still adjusting to my new job and budgeting my new salary on it---thus the delay.  And since I don't have any permanent computer, I didn't have the motivation to write.  My temporary PC kept crashing every 30 minutes so my work and personal writings were always interrupted and I just borrow a laptop here at home.  

But now, I can finally write all I want without any interruptions because I finally bought a new laptop---thanks to a blessing that came from (believe or not) from my previous job. After a few paydays of saving, I finally bought a great laptop that I know will help in my writings.  Now I can update my blog once in awhile, write more in my work and sidelines, and write more for personal purposes.  I can now take the steps in fulfilling my dream of writing great and relevant articles that hopefully, one day, would get published in a magazine or newspaper.  Of course, I have to read and research more to write great articles and I'm willing to do that.  After all, writing will always serve as a learning experience for me. 

Here are some updates that I missed writing in this blog:

My 27th birthday.  Spent it cosplaying as Toushiro Hitsugaya from Bleach (my favorite character) in Best of Anime 2011.  Also, this was the time that I created different accounts for  my writings and decided what this blog should contain.  

  • Scrutiny of the Mind will contain entries on my opinions of some of our current events, movie reviews, book reviews and other reviews that are a bit more serious.  This means this blog won't contain some kikay or fashion reviews (which I rarely do). 
  • My Tumblr account will contain more of my personal rants and ramblings that is not fit for this blog.  Here, I know I can keep on rambling without some known people seeing it (unlike in FB). Plus, this account also exists to follow some fandoms that I love.
  • My Deviantart account will contain everything on cosplay, whether mine or others.  Since I'm into cosplay recently, Deviantart is the perfect place to show my cosplays and cosplay pictures of others. Plus, I'll be placing my behind-the-scenes here since I plan to making my own props in the future. 
  • Adjusting to my new job, which is a bit challenging than my previous job for reasons I still can't state for now.

The most prominent event for this month was the visit of Nicholas Sparks here in the Philippines.  While I wasn't part of the lucky one to meet him personally, I was still able to get his signature in my latest Nicholas Sparks book.  I left my book in the National Bookstore Podium hoping that he would sign it.  And he really that! I'm still glad that I lined up for a long time the day he came even though I was not able to see him. 

Nicholas Sparks' signature in"The Best of Me" book

Well, it was Marc's birthday as I bought him a Modern Warfare 3 PC game.  Other than that, nothing much happened.  

Buying my laptop....FINALLY! 'Nuff said. :D

So now, I'll be updating my blog once in awhile, especially when I have some ideas/topics that I want to write  here and as articles for my dream.  I am so happy that I can write as much I want now.  It really feels good to have my own laptop now.  :D

That's it for now. Til the next blog entry. :) 

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