To Watch Out For - "History Asia: The Manila Hostage Massacre"

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One of the most prominent events last year was the Manila Hostage crisis, which happened on August 23, 2010 at the Rizal Park, Manila.  For those who have been living under the rock for a year, here's a summary of it:
The Manila hostage crisis occurred when a dismissed Philippine National Police officer took over a tour bus in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines on August 23, 2010. Disgruntled former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza, from the Manila Police District (MPD) hijacked a tour bus carrying 25 people (20 tourists and also a tour guide, all from Hong Kong, and four Filipinos) in an attempt to get his job back. He said that he was summarily dismissed without the opportunity to properly defend himself, and that all he wanted was a fair hearing.
The first shots were heard about ten hours into the standoff, after which the Filipino bus driver escaped from the bus and was shown on television saying "everyone is dead" before being whisked away by police. The ensuing rescue assault mounted by the MPD and resulting shoot-out, which was widely criticized by pundits as "bungled" and "incompetent", was watched by millions on live television news and took around 90 minutes. Eight of the hostages and Mendoza were killed; many other hostages and bystanders were injured. (Source: Wikipedia)
As its one year approaches on August 23, 2011, there is still no resolution as to what were the problems and how it could have been prevented. There are still a lot of mysteries unsolved and people are left asking if there will ever be justice for the tourists that were killed last year.  As a Filipino citizen and somebody who likes to look beyond what people see, I want to know more about what happened in this event and how it was portrayed all over the world.  This is why my first ever "To Watch Out For" is "History Asia: The Manila Hostage Massacre".

"History Asia: The Manila Hostage Massacre" will premiere on August 7, Sunday at 10:00PM in History Channel.  It's a documentary about the Manila Hostage crisis, where they look back at what happened, what went wrong and how it could have been prevented.  Some of those interviewed were the police and government officials.  I saw this trailer in my cousin's house and I'm quite curious as to how they will portray the crisis in this documentary.  I already asked Loves to download after it will be shown here because I want to see how they made it...and hoping that History Channel will do justice to it.

So, for now, I'll just have to wait until this documentary is shown before I write a review on it.  

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