Pictures Speak Louder Than Words: Kharlo and Honey's Wedding - 8.20.2011

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Pictures Speak Louder Than Words
This is one section in my blog where I feel that pictures says a lot that I don't need to write something about it.


Kharlo and Honey's Wedding - 8.20.2011

Pictures courtesy of my fellow Kalayaan College friends since I don't have my own camera yet.

The pictures say it all: Kharlo and Honey, my Kalayaan College friends, are totally in love and I'm very happy that they finally got married.  I know they are happy with each other and will be able to overcome obstacles in the years to come.  I am happy and honored to be one of the emcees for the dinner reception.

All these pictures say it all: their wedding is unique, special and full of love. :)

The crying bride walking towards her parents

The bride and groom saying their vows

You may kiss the bride! :)

The couple in the dinner reception

 Congratulations and Best Wishes Kharlo and Honey! :)

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