What an overwhelming week...

9:37 PM

I'm supposed to write something this week about some reviews of movies and books since I just finished watching and reading some new ones. But due to some events that I will never forget, this entry will just be short and about the week.

I went into an accident that involved some skin in my feet being scraped off (even the inner skin), and I can't walk well and am in pain right now. I have to go through everyday medication and cleaning of the wound that it gets the energy out of my body. So, even if I had more than 7 hours of sleep, I am still quite tired.

Then my 1st cousin died yesterday, and I'm still not recovering from the accident that I had. He was one of my cousins whom I am close to and he was just 29 years old. It's still hard to register the events that had happened this week, and I'm still having a hard time comprehending them and asking why they are all happening.

The only things keeping me occupied is watching anime, sleeping and writing (though I'm also having hard time here because I'm not in the mood and have lost a bit of an inspiration to write). I know I'll be realizing a lot of things regarding the events that had happened this week, and maybe I'll be able to write about them soon. Writing has been my therapy the past years and it gives me relief once I have written about something. But, for now, I can only write about a personal entry.

I hope all goes well in the end.

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