Thoughts on the upcoming 2010 Elections tomorrow

7:09 PM

In less than 12 hours, voters from all over the country will flock to their precincts to vote for a new president after a decade of PGMA reign. Election 2010 is going to be a historic and memorable elections, no matter what the results will be. And the good thing (or the bad thing?) about these elections is we actually can't predict what will happen in these elections. That's either exciting or nerve-wracking for us.

For five months, I have been thinking on who to vote for. I had to research each and every candidate in terms of their qualifications, track record on public service, things they have done, etc. Heck, I even volunteered to be a Researcher for one of the candidates in GMA 7's "Kandidato" because I was so impressed by his track record. And talking and having lunch with him without the camera was actually inspiring and has led me to actually vote for him.

Then I resigned from GMA7 because of one of the reasons that I REALLY want to vote instead of being assigned to another place and cover the voting process in that place. Yes, I may be one of the front-runners for one of the most historic elections to ever happen in the Philippines. But then, nothing can stop me from voting and I know that I will never be able to vote if I'm in the media. In other words, I love to vote.

Of course, there were times when I had the inkling to change my vote and go for the one who is more popular. It was a struggle for me because I wanted to stick to the original. Plus, there were other aspects that led me to want to vote for the most popular. That four months were my struggling months in who to vote.

Finally, last May 7, 2010, Friday, I do not know if I can call it divine intervention or something, but it just suddenly struck me who I NOW want to vote. I was so decided already that I placed stickers of that candidate in my room, as well as other paraphernalia. Some of you may know, some may not. But all I can say is I am proud of my vote and I cannot wait to wake up at 6:00 in the morning tomorrow and go to my precinct to cast my vote.

And also, I made a cheat sheet already from the National to Local Candidates so I won't have to take long to look for their names. Have you made your cheat sheet already? If not, then do one now.

I am excited, at the same time, nervous for tomorrow's elections. What about you? What do you feel?

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