Thoughts on "Shrek Forever After"

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"Shrek" has been one of my favorite movies for the past decade and I have grown to love it with every sequel that was shown. So, I made sure that Marc and I were going to watch the final chapter. We planned to watch it in a regular cinema in Eastwood, but we were parked in the new mall and Ultra 7 was full already. The only cinema with "Shrek" there was in 3D, so we decided to watch it there. Having heard that it would be the final chapter, I did not have high expectations for it...and I was right not to. I was left satisfied on the story, as well as watching it on 3D and it was sad to see that it truly was the final "Shrek" movie.

"Shrek Forever After" is the final movie of the "Shrek" series. The main character, Shrek, wished that for just one day, he would feel like the ogre he was before he rescued Fiona from the tower----where people were scared of him and he could have all the time he wanted without any responsibilities of being a father and a husband. But when he signed a deal with Rumpelstiltskin for him to give that day, everything turned out wrong and needs to fix it before he disappears from the world---forever.

The movie is about solving some other problems and issues that were not yet shown in the prequels, and one of them is when Shrek felt somethings that can be felt by anybody, especially when we are burdened by many responsibilities. He became selfish and wanted to escape because he was scared to face these responsibilities---to the point that he didn't think of his wife and kids anymore. And when they were gone, that's when he realized that he missed them and wished they were back. While we do not have magic and real Rumpelstiltskins in our lives, most of us experience this feeling, thus take our loved ones for granted. We just realize that we love them so much when they are gone.

It is a very family-friendly movie that left me sad and teary knowing that it was the last "Shrek" movie and I will truly miss Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and, of course, Puss---which I grown to love the last decade. The fact that the ogres and the animals teach us humans the values of love and family makes the movie and the prequels very worthwhile to watch.

Lastly, it is through "Shrek" that I learned to love cats (Thank you Puss in Boots!). I learned that they can be lovable too if you take care of them. Now, we have a total of 7 cats in our house and I always make sure to pet or talk to them whenever I get home from work.

I'm going to miss all the "Shrek" characters and they will surely be on my hearts and memories. This is one movie animation that I want my kids to watch in the future.

Now, I just can't wait for the "Puss in Boots" movie, which will be shown either on 2011 or 2012. And yes, it will still be voiced by Antonio Banderas (oh, he is so adorable). According to Antonio Banderas in his interview with Ellen Degeneres, the story will revolve around Puss "back when he was still a little kitty cat, until he became a sword-fighting cat". Awww....I'm pretty sure people are going to watch it. I mean, who can't say no to that eyes? so cute....can't wait! :)

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