Picking the right ninongs and ninangs for your child

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I wrote this article for an assignment and I want to share my thoughts on getting ninongs and ninangs (godparents) for baptism, which is very important in a child's life. Here it is:


Picking the Right Ninongs and Ninangs for Your Child
By Erin Joan C. Yang

For a first-time mother, the first event in your child’s life that you would worry is baptism. This is one of the most important church sacraments because a baby is welcomed in the Christian world. And one of the important aspects in baptism is getting godparents.

Also known as "ninongs" and "ninangs" in the Philippines, godparents serve as the "second parents” who guide the child in the Christian world. They are the ones who will help the parents' child grow.

However, most baptisms are not this way because parents tend to pick godparents that are mostly popular or rich---people who would most likely give gifts to their child during special occasions (birthdays, Christmas, etc). In other words, godparents have been known to be bearers of gifts rather than being “second parents”. This should not be the case.

If parents want the best for their child, they must remember the following in choosing godparents:

o Consider people who give credence to the solemnity of baptism and know the meaning of it.

o It is better to pick godparents who have been your close friends or relatives, not the popular or rich people who you just met a few months ago. These are the people who you've known for years and believe that they can help your child in different aspects. Godparents could be your best friends, brothers/sisters, or cousins.

o Yes, godparents will give gifts to their godchildren on special occasions, but that’s just the minor part. Godparents should also make their presence felt in most of the child’s life, if not always. At least they are making an effort to communicate with you so that he/she can see their godchildren even if there is no special occasion. It may not show now, but when the child grows up, he or she will be very thankful to have responsible godparents who care about him.

o Godparents are people that you can truly trust. If ever anything happens to you, they will be there to take care of your child.

It does not matter if the number of your child’s godparents are four pairs or fourteen pairs. What's important is they are responsible and deserving ninongs and ninangs who will care for your child’s life and will always be there whether they are needed or not.

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