What if...

11:27 PM

"What did I love about the "Tooth Fairy" aside from seeing Dwayne Johnson in a pink tutu and with wings? It's thinking and saying "What if?" in your life. Maybe I should start doing that now. What if...:-)" - my Facebook status

A lot has happened that made me realize many things. I never thought that watching a comedy film with Dwayne Johnson having wings and collecting teeth could make me learn things that can be helpful in my life. It just took two words: WHAT IF...

I can list down a lot of definitions for these two words: change, trying out some things you have never done before, getting out of your normal routine, grabbing an opportunity, and many more. After hearing those words, I realized that I have missed a lot because I was afraid to use these two words in my life.  I now have many things that I want to do because of these words. One of them is an opportunity that I want to grab. As everyone says, there is no harm in trying.

Maybe I should do that now. No, no, erase MAYBE. I should do that now. It never hurts to try and say to yourself "What if I (state what you want to do here)...." I think that could change everything and make my life better.

So, what are your biggest "what ifs"? :) 
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